Seriously. I should get a cape and a badge and start answering to the name “super-shoveler”.

Even after my lovely neighbor helped out by clearing the mouth of my driveway yesterday, the plow went by again…then the sidewalk plow went by. So as soon as I was done enough work for the day I had to head outside to deal with the three new messes I was left. I also had to dig out my car (yes, I had already spent over an hour twice the day before…) since it was sitting under 4 inches of frozen snow and the pile between our two cars was reaching three feet. Needless to say, I was pooped after another hour of lifting and pushing that heavy stuff around, so I basically collapsed when I was done.

No gym. No yoga. Just some much needed stretching and laying around. And there might have been a dip into FH’s Oreo ice cream. Stupid. I don’t even really like the ice cream.

Oh well. Today is a new (snow free for now!) day. I have this evening free so a trip to the gym for lots of cardio and crunches, plus potentially some other strength exercises is definitely on the agenda. Might try another yogadownload tonight too….I have Yoga for Buns #1 to try out.

I’m continuing to work on eating what I have on hand. Even after saying that last week I got all caught up in shopping at Pete’s Frootique so I am using up as much as I can before I start buying anything new. I have plenty in the freezer (chowder and chili and chicken, oh my!) and enough fresh stuff to see me through at least the weekend. Especially since I plan on treating myself to at least one meal out this weekend. I will be back out at the mall where Pete’s is on Monday night so I think I will wait until then to get any new fresh produce, etc. I am looking forward to NOT visiting a grocery store this weekend!

I think Sunday night I will sit down and figure out what to do about the “cabbage roll concoction” I’ve been thinking about. I’ll probably go the casserole direction instead of actual rolls because it’s easier to assemble. I hope it works!! Until then….

Today’s menu:

– coffee with skim and brown sugar
– Organic Daybreak cereal with vanilla Almond Breeze
– Italian Wedding soup, crackers
– tomato slices topped with basil, mozza, and drizzle of balsamic
– 1/2 apple with almond butter (pre-gym)
– chili, toast with Olivina margarine, salad
– last of the Source ff lemon yogurt with some fresh berries

(approx 24 points)