I was barely getting any work done. Grumpy Guss I was. Sitting here randomly clicking back and forth between work and Facebook and really only doing the bare minimum. So much so that I’d almost talked myself into going to back to bed.

Screw that.

So instead, I washed my face, combed my hair, changed my clothes, salted my driveway (oh yaaiee for the 5 inches of ice that salt won’t help!), and went to the gym. Something about taking lemons and making a martini or whatever, right?


I did a fast walking warmup for 5 minutes, then set off running as much as I could for 20 minutes, and finished up with fast walking inclines for a final 5 minutes. I then decided that my arms and shoulders have been sadly neglected (except for yoga) so I headed over and did some lat pulldowns, delt rows, and tricep pulldowns. I’m sure I’ll hurt tomorrow but isn’t that the point? Finished up with 3 sets of different crunches intervalled (that’s not a word but you know what I’m sayin) with elbow planks in between.

So now when I eat that movie candy tonight I will have earned it. No grumpy guss guilt here!