Let me just say this….no matter how much weight I’ve lost, or how hard I work out, I still hate my ass. I’ve mentioned this before. It was actually nicer when I carried more weight back there…at least then it had shape! Now my bum is kinda flat…certainly not perky…and still doesn’t look too hot in a bathing suit.

However, shopping for a bikini can certainly motivate a girl to get to her yoga class and to dig out those magazines she’s been hoarding and start looking for the exercises that help tone and firm the buns and love handles.

I did find two bikinis at Aqua today. Thanks to the ladies that mentioned going there on my other blog….I found it before I read your comments. (Did you know that there isn’t one place in all of MicMac Mall that sells bathing suits? Weird.) Tried on about ten different suits. Quickly learned that my bottom is a size larger than I had figured…booooo….but not as bad as it was the last time I bought a suit like four years ago. At least I like my top half!

Immediately left the torture chamber of the fitting room and headed straight home to make sure I was going to have time to get to that yoga class. No way I wasn’t exercising off that waffle I ate this morning! 🙂 I heart warm yoga…today’s class was a different teacher… her practice was similar , but nicely challenging in a different way and just as stimulating as always. Good times.

Today’s eats….

Cora’s bigass waffle with a mountain of fresh fruit, custard and a bit of whip cream
– coffee
– Starbucks tall 1/2 sweet non fat black tea latte (these are growing on me for sure!)
– last unfrozen serving of cabbage casserole, with extra steamed cabbage, carrots & cauliflower…and leftover of last night’s “mexi” salad
– tea and baked treat…I’m thinking banana muffins of some variety