That’s right. Here in Halifax we are due for yet another Winter storm today. Expecting it to start snowing around noon and the prediction is for 20+cm of the white stuff…PLUS…blowing freaking ice pellets and other fun things like that. This is not my impressed face.

Soooo….at least it’s a good TV night….and I haven’t had a Shred session with Jillian since the weekend so I think we’ll meet up for a sweat and I can follow that with some more downloaded yoga. I didn’t get a chance for yoga last night because I was fiddling with my new computer for a few hours after work (goodbye stupid Works, hello again Office!) and didn’t even head to the gym until 8:00. So by the time I worked out, got home and ate dinner (at 9:45!) there was no time to properly digest for yoga before bed.

My workout last night consisted of a great run on the treadmill. Fast-paced 5 minute incline warmup, then my running/walking looked like this: 5 min run/1 min walk/4 min run/1 min walk/4 min run/1 min walk/1 min sprint/1 min run/1 min sprint/1 min walk. I wanted to keep going, but believe it or not there were people waiting for treadmills at 8:30pm on a Wednesday. The gym can be really busy at the oddest times! I then grabbed a mat and headed over to the mirrors where I did another set of Eurydice’s bum exercises, three sets of different crunches, and one set of deadlifts (thanks Randi for mentioning those…I would never have thought of them!). I totally need to work on my form, but I think I had the right idea.

By the time I finished at the gym and grocery store it was really late and I was honestly considering stopping for fast food on the way home, but I talked myself out of it right away because I’ve been having a good week and didn’t want that rock of grease sitting in my tummy overnight. ewwwww. So instead I made my fabulous salad and had it with egg salad on half of a fresh ciabatta bun (both of my freezer options were still frozen solid). I was soooo proud of myself!

Miss Jen! I want to thank you for your fabulous comments. You always tell me how hard I rock just when I need it. Most of the time I feel like I’m not really giving it my all, but you show me that you see me differently and that makes me feel great. Thank you for that!!

I haven’t been tracking or writing down my activities or anything anywhere other than my blog this week and I think it is working well for me. I usually try to make notes on my calendar about what activity I did and whether I was OP or not…and then if I have blank spots or cross things out it makes me feel like I failed. So, unwittingly this week I haven’t been doing that and funny enough I have been pretty much exactly OP and I’ve gotten some form of a workout in every day. Interesting. Go me!

Today’s menu….

– coffeeeeeeeee w/ brown sugar & skim
– 1/2 ciabatta bun w/ natural PB & 1/2 sliced banana
– fruit salad w/ 100 cal cottage cheese cup (strawberry)
– baked rice chips, cauliflower & lemon dill hummus
– chili from freezer (it’s thawed now!), tossed salad with ranch & salsa and some of those little tortilla strip salad toppers
– tea and a new baked treat (if I have time to bake…seems like the thing to do during a snow storm…either scones, banana muffins or a variation on Tina’s Oatmeal Bars)