March 2009

Tonight was a prime example of how even the best laid meal plans don’t always work out. FH had a “working lunch” with a co-worker who is moving on to another position. By working lunch I mean they had some beers and potentially there was food involved. Anyway, he called around 4pm to let me know not to count on him for dinner….so I definitely wasn’t going to make the big chicken and potato dinner I had planned. We’ll do that tomorrow since tomorrow’s plan was for turkey burgers that are still in the freezer anyway.

Instead, I thawed out the last remaining Baked Chicken and Bean Rollup and served it with a big salad.

In the salad was a big handful of mixed lettuces, a smaller handful of baby spinach, diced tomatoes, a few bits of red onion, matchstick carrots, and a tiny bit of minced jalepeno. I mixed it all up with my recent “dressing” of choice…salsa & light sour cream. At the last minute I topped it with a few of those tortilla crisps I bought a while back.

Earlier in the day I stopped at Bulk Barn for a few baking items and some more oatmeal…and since no trip to BB is complete without a treat, today was no different. I got myself a little bag of bridge mix and had that for my afternoon snack.

I saved my strawberries and canteloupe for dessert, and skipped the tea & mini cookies. Topped my fruit with a scoop of vanilla yogurt and a drizzle of chocolate PB2 (I’m trying to find more ways to use this as so far I haven’t been overly impressed).

Must head for bed. Morning comes much too fast!

And now that I have that out of my system….I present lunch! :

I added a couple of slices of ham to the plate when I realized I hadn’t included anything specifically in the way of protein. I should also note that was way too much cream cheese…hehe.

Kashi TLC Original 7 Grain Crackers

I’m cheap. I hate buying anything from the grocery store that isn’t on sale….unless it’s something that normally isn’t way overpriced…say condensed soup…or a staple like milk. If there is a product I want to try, I wait for a sale. Almost everything in a supermarket goes on sale at some point. Of course, waiting for Kashi crackers to go on sale has been like waiting for all of this snow to melt….it never happens! Until finally the other day when I wasn’t even in need of crackers, they finally appeared at 2 for $5….so I grabbed a box of the Original 7 Grain and a box of the Honey Sesame.

Upon first taste I wasn’t too sure about these. I’ve waited so long to try them that I had them built up pretty high in my mind. They have the texture of a graham cracker, except maybe a bit harder. And because they aren’t salty at all I was a little turned off. But after trying them again with some hummus, then again today with my lunch snack plate my opinion has been renewed. They are a hearty little cracker and certainly satiate my love of crunch without requiring half a box (like those evil Multigrain Wheat Thins). Definitely a better bang for the buck when they are on sale…since they will last much longer than the “junkier” snack crackers I usually have on hand. Problem is that I won’t pay full price.

I haven’t opened the Honey Sesame ones yet. I’m trying really hard not to have a bazillion boxes open in the cupboard these days. Once I finish something, then I can delve into those.

Hey, while searching the Canadian Kashi website I found a contest!
Free Granola Bars!

Oh, lululemonthis could be dangerous. Shopping from the comfort of my own home….my credit card is cringing already. 😉

I’ve had my eye on this little number for a couple of weeks….now it may happily become mine without even the slightest effort!

Yes folks, here in Halifax we are in the midst of a freaking snow storm. What the hell? This is my unimpressed face.

View from the front window. Yes, that is icy snow stuck to the screen.

View from our back door.
Just yesterday we could see 3/4 of the lawn and were so excited.

However, I did drag my bum outta bed this morning to drive FH to work. My car has the snow tires, and for him to find parking in this kinda weather he woulda had to leave like 2 hours early. Not fun. So instead I took the opportunity to get myself moving and got my gym trip out of the way for the day. Tuesday = 25 minutes cardio & lower body strength training.

Treadmill: 5 minute warmup, 4:1 x 3, 5 minute cooldown = 25 minutes
+ plie squats with the ball x 3 sets
+ stationary lunges with weights x 1 set (these actually killed my sore tailbone)
+ walking lunges with weights x 1 set (still painful but not so bad)
+ step ups on weight bench x 1 set per leg
+ calf raises standing on bottom stair x 1 set
Came home and shoveled off the front porch and more of the driveway. FH did some before we left this morning, but not quite enough and then another few inches had piled up before I got home. Nutty.

Breakfast needed to be warm and filling, so I opted for egg whites and a ww english muffin. Mixed 1/4 cup egg whites, splash milk, dill, red pepper flakes and a bit of salt in a ramekin and cooked in the microwave. Toasted the english muffin, smeared with a bit of Olivina & ketchup. Topped with the egg whites & sprinkled with grated light cheddar. Served with vanilla coffee. Yum!
Today’s eats…

– pre-gym: 1/2 Larabar (apple pie!)
– egg whites on english muffin
– coffee with skim & brown sugar
– leftover pea soup, Kashi crackers, light garlic & herb cream cheese, baby carrots, pickles
– strawberries & canteloupe, Baked Cinnamon Riceworks
– oven roasted chicken boobies, mashed taters, gravy, steamed brocolli & cauliflower
– tea and cookies

So easy to stay motivated and on plan on Mondays, isn’t it? I didn’t even think about straying off to snackville today, and even though FH stayed home from work today I didn’t use that as an excuse to miss the gym…I just went later. I heart Mondays.

Went to the gym right after hitting up the grocery store. It was just before 5pm when I got there so it was getting crazy busy, but I managed to get the two cardio machines I wanted when I needed them so I was happy. Monday = 45 minutes cardio.

Treadmill: 5 minute incline walking warm up, 4:1 x 4 = total 25 mins
Elliptical: tension intervals = 20 minutes

+ crunches & side crunches on the ball
+ hamstring curls on the ball (thanks Amy for the link) – soooo hard!

Dinner was a comforting meal of Habitant Pea Soup with Ham and sammiches of ham & cheese. I stuffed some spinach in there along with the smoked ham, light jack, and grainy dijon. Fairly tasty although I will say that this particular brand of whole wheat brand is boring. I like me some multigrain or ancient grains or something in my bread!

For a snack with our tea, we are going to try out these little chocolate chip cookies I found. PC Organics at Superstore. Decent ingredient list and good calorie count.

I’ve planned our dinners for the week, and put some thought into lunches and as such came up with a grocery list for today. Mainly just a stock up on some fresh ingredients and few final pieces for the dinner plans.

Friday night is another night out to celebrate FH’s birthday. His actual bday isn’t until the 6th, but this is our only opportunity for a night out. Not sure the full plans yet, but I’m sure there will be fun, food and drink. 😉

I am sticking with mainly the same activity plan as last week, and since my tailbone is almost fully mended I shouldn’t have too much difficulty. I was sad to miss warm yoga again yesterday and am crossing all of my fingers and toes that I can go this Sunday. Oh please, please!

Activity (copy and pasted from last week):

– Mon, Wed, Fri: 45 minutes gym cardio (running when possible, but otherwise incline walks and resistant elliptical work)
– Tues, Thurs: 25 minutes gym cardio, strength training (Tues upper body, Thurs lower body)
– Sat: 60 minutes gym cardio, strength training (full body)
– Sun: warm yoga or long walk or light gym cardio (pain and weather dependant)

*add a daily yoga session when tailbone allows

And for your viewing pleasure….today’s lunch:

(I couldn’t get the wrap to stay closed for the photo, but there’s yummy chicken salad under that spinach!)

Trying to keep the monotony out of my Monday morning work routine, I decided to keep taking food pictures for you all. 🙂 Monday mornings require a couple of straight hours of catching up on important intake forms from my work website, which gets a little boring so I tend to like to break it up and do something else every 15-30 minutes. Today I decided to take some time on eating/planning/picture taking.

Started with my essential morning coffee, bottle of water, and finally unwrapped the Self magazine I got last week.

Even though the weather is annoyingly wet and blustery and it is a perfect oatmeal kind of day, I opted to make a yogurt parfait since the one I had on Saturday was so yummy and satisfying.

In the bowl: 5 fresh sliced strawberries, 1/2 sliced overripe banana, 1/3 cup All Bran, 1 Liberte vanilla yogurt with Apple Raisin Muesli.

Next break I will be writing my grocery list and making a workout plan for this week. Although if this weather keeps up I may be hibernating inside. It’s disgusting out there! (What happened to that 14 degree sun from yesterday?)

Today’s menu plan…

– water & coffee with skim & brown sugar
– yogurt parfait
– leftover chicken salad on a ww tortilla, baby carrots, pickles
Kashi granola bar
– Split Pea soup w/ grilled ham & havarti sammiches
– tea & snack

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