I’ve had a few light breakfasts this week made up of fat free yogurt, fresh strawberries, and original All-Bran. When I was mid-Weight Watchers this was my standard breakfast almost every weekday. I’ll bet it’s been almost two years since I’ve made this. Man, it’s yummy! (and if you are counting…it’s only 3 points!) This is what happens when I buy strawberries for FH to make smoothies and then he only makes one in the week! Someone’s got to eat those berries. 🙂

Keeping on top of my menu plan for today because tomorrow is a planned splurge. FH has a buddy in town on a course who hasn’t had a home-cooked meal in a few months so we are having him over tomorrow night for FH’s delectable lasagna. FH doesn’t cook much, but he makes a mean lasagna! This will of course also include such treats as garlic bread, caesar salad, some sort of dessert, and probably more than a couple of glasses of wine. 🙂 I of course have a double-long workout planned for earlier in the day because Lord knows I’ll be needing it. I will be keeping my breaky and lunch light and full of fruit & veggies too.

Sunday I have brunch plans with a girlfriend so I’m already thinking about some yummy poached eggs. And I’m totally looking forward to an afternoon session of warm yoga…I missed it the last few weeks while on vacay or recovering. 🙂 Hali girls….you interested??

Taking today off from the gym….but I’m about to download a 45 minute session from yogadownload.com so will fit that in later today. Five gym days this week seems more than enough! Besides, I have laundry to finally get caught up on, plus chores to do since we’ve totally slacked on those since returning home. Time to really get back to reality I suppose!

Hope you all have a fab weekend planned. 🙂

Today’s eats….

– coffee w/ skim & demerara
– ff Activia raspberry yogurt w/ fresh strawberries & All Bran
– tossed salad w/ chicken/bean/cheese/salsa mixture
– banana
– grilled pork loin chop, with steamed broc & cauli, leftover brown rice
– tea & Kashi granola bar