…I hurt myself!

Yesterday morning I woke up around 10am, having had a great sleep (no insomnia this whole past week…thank God!). I got into my gym clothes, washed my face and was heading downstairs to let FH know my plans for the day (poor boy, his insomnia attacked again on Friday night so he was down on the couch) when my slipper slid on the second step and I went down….HARD. Bang, bang, bang…down like five stairs right on my tailbone. I hit the landing and just sort of froze in sheer agony. Hit so hard and gasped so loud that I woke FH up. Afraid to move, I just sort of fell over onto my front and laid there in shock. Not fun. After a few minutes and a few tears I finally got the courage to stand up and although my tailbone was freaking killing me, I don’t think there’s any major damage. Mainly a piss off because running, biking, bending and yoga are all out of the question for a few days. Argh. I’m getting around just fine, but have been somewhat hopped up on Tylenol and Advil…and maybe a few glasses of wine last night. I was still going to go to warm yoga with my Halifax girls today, but after bending over to get a few things out of the car this afternoon I’ve decided that it would be a waste of a session since I can’t do any forward bends or downward dogs, etc. Booooooo.

So instead I have a chance to tidy around the house (we did all of the cleaning yesterday but it’s amazing how much dust, etc resurfaces when you have friends over for dinner and drinks) and to finally do my mid-month banking (only a week late!). Not exactly the exercise I had in mind to work off that lasagna!

FH’s lasagna turned out fantastic and was a great hit. It was HUGE!! I had planned to do a photo essay on it for you guys, but he had already delved pretty far into the cooking process when I got home from my errands yesterday so no photos. We served it with a bagged caesar salad and garlic bread. Pre-dinner I put together a few antipasto-type items for appies. Cured meats, provolone, marinated artichokes, green and black olives, hummus, crackers, cherry tomatoes w/ balsamic & EVOO. Yummolicious. I ate way too many pre-dinner snackies….but honestly that’s my favorite part….not to take away from the delicious lasagna of course. 🙂

This morning I met a couple of girlfriends for brunch. Coffee, fresh squeezed OJ, bistro plate of excellent scrambled eggs, bacon, fruit, and a shredded potato pattie. We finished up with a mini vanilla cheesecake. I figure since it’s two meals in one, it’s OK to have a treat!

I then wandered up the street to LuluLemon where I scored a cute hot pink tank top ON SALE….and almost got new capris but wasn’t totally in love so put them back. For $82 I need to love them. But I can’t wait to wear my new tank for yoga….next week I hope.

Tonight’s dinner will be heavy on the veggies….maybe a bigass hearty salad….with a wedge of leftover lasagna. Tomorrow FH is definitely back to work so I’ll get up early and attempt something light at the gym….elliptical may be my best bet for low impact. Hopefully I can still do something in the way of crunches or modified ab moves. I love my crunches. Hmmmm…..