Since I’ve hurt my bum-bone I had to rethink the weekly goals I had already decided on for this week….well, one of them anyway….

1) Activity every day (this was yoga every day but my tailbone disagreed)
2) Menu plan every day in advance
3) Water (3 litres per day)


Mon, Wed, Fri: 45 minutes gym cardio (running when possible, but otherwise incline walks and resistant elliptical work)
Tues, Thurs: 25 minutes gym cardio, strength training (Tues upper body, Thurs lower body)
Sat: 60 minutes gym cardio, strength training (full body)
Sun: warm yoga or long walk or light gym cardio (pain and weather dependant)

*add a daily yoga session when tailbone allows


I’m adhering to a strict eating plan: coffee, breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. Dinners all planned in advance…

Mon: chicken stirfry
Tues: leftover pork loin chop, spinach salad (FH working overnight)
Wed: turkey & black bean burgers, salad
Thurs: spaghetti & meat sauce (leftover from FH’s lasagna), steamed veggies
Fri: chicken quesadillas, salad
Sat: Girl’s Night Out (stagette)
Sun: TBD (shopping day)