Last night was a stagette party for a friend who is getting married in Mexico next month. She lives a bit out of town, so she and her MOH decided to get a hotel room (a suite!) here in Halifax and hosted the first part of our evening there. A Sexy Girl party! There were snacks and drinks a plenty….including my Jell-O shooters and my drink of choice for the evening, Proseco. From there we carried on to a pub for some more drinks, and then to a local bar for dancing and of course, more drinks! I dragged my sorry behind home around 2:30am….just in time for FH to arrive home from the corresponding stag party. Today I’m a bit of a tired, headachy mess, but it was worth it.

Jell-O shooters: Wild Cherry Vodka & Lime Tequila

In preparation:

– slept in
pre-gym snack of Kashi granola bar & coffee
– water!
– glorious workout consisting of treadmill, rowing machine, StairMaster, and full body strength training – water!
– hearty and healthy brunch:

– long, hot shower
– self-manicure

– extra long time blowing hair out and flattening properly
– mini-dinner including protein
– water!
– make-up, ironing, dressing up, taking blurry self portaits in bathroom mirror:

– call taxi while putting on finishing touches (then end up totally ready and still waiting for late taxi!)
– arrive with Jell-O shooters and make instant friends!

What not to do:

– mix too many alcohols…blech
Proseco, Jell-O shooters, Strongbow, broken down golf cart shooter, vodka/soda, tequila shooter, random beer…nuff said

Bride to Be et moi (we totally forgot to make her wear her tiara when we left the hotel)

Morning after:

– try to sleep in
– get up to pee and take Advil
– nap a little longer on the sofa
– guzzle water
– attempt to get ready for brunch date, but give up immediately
– wait a couple of hours, then go for big bacon filled omelette complete with coffee, lotsa water, and fresh OJ
– feel slightly more human
– do a little shopping therapy
– eat massive pile of veggies for dinner
– console one’s self with Easter Caramilk Egg supplied by equally tired FH 🙂
– hit the hay early

Should have done:

– more water throughout evening, especially before bed
– taken Advil and Gravol before sleep