Ewwwww….the weather went to poop today. Mild and dry when I took FH work, but that soon turned to rain and wind. Now I can hear the rain pelting off the windows. Yuck. On the bright side, the whole reason FH went to sea today was to chase a storm so they can trial some equipment and get some data so the sooner they find the storm the sooner they come home. I sent him an email wishing him luck finding “asslike” weather. I’m such a good FW. 🙂

Afternoon snacks were a couple more of those tasty Choco PB Oat Bars…which I didn’t get photos of because I was too busy cramming them in my mouth.

Dinner was, as mentioned, shrimpies! After thawing, I just peeled them and sauteed them up with a bit of olive oil, lotsa garlic, s&p, and a shot of lemon juice. I served them up alongside a simple salad with Renee’s Spring Herb dressing and some zucchini boats a la Amy. Small zucchini cut in half and “boated”, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with s&p and lotsa garlic. Baked in a 350 degree oven for about 15 minutes, then filled with herby goat cheese while still piping hot. Drool.

I had planned on doing some office work so I made myself a big mug of decaf vanilla tea, but then got tired after cleaning the kitchen and landed up on the couch watching American Idol on the PVR instead. Man, that goth guy can really sing! Anyone been watching Idol this season and have a favorite? This is only the second episode I’ve watched and the last one was the one where the goth guy tortured a Johnny Cash song. His performance this week was an unexpected surprise.

Admittedly the munchies got me about an hour into the show and I grabbed the remainder of the bag of original Mrs. Vickies chips. Hopefully FH doesn’t mind!

And now since it’s cardio day and I wasn’t leaving the house in this nasty weather, I’m off to do some hatha yoga before bed. Late, but lovely.