FH actually got home this morning when he was told they would. Amazing! I got up around 9am, showered and started getting ready in anticipation of his call. Generally this works against me and usually jinxes things, but today he did call by about 10:15 and was ready for pick up at 10:45. We agreed to stop for brunch on the way home.

On my way out the door I grabbed a handful of juicy green grapes to tide over my rumbling tummy.

We stopped at our favorite breakfast place “The Armview” for some eggs n bacon. It’s an old school diner-type place that has been somewhat revamped. The story I’ve heard is that it’s still the same family that has owned the place forever, but it’s the grandson running it now and he’s done some updating to the menu and the decor. We were sitting on the far side which hasn’t been quite as updated yet….but that just adds to the “greasy spoon” feel. This was our first meal out since I’ve been doing daily food photos, so FH had a good laugh at me taking pics of our breakfast.

I almost always have the same thing: two scrambled eggs, bacon, ww toast, and homefries. Today I only ate one piece of toast and about half the potatoes. They have GREAT coffee here though, so I had two cups w/ a splash of real cream.

Since FH is home early he’s excited to be able to host his Sunday F1 race. The F1 season just started last week so he’s been itching for these races for months (I’m a lucky girl because this is the only sport he watches and it’s only on once a week for a few months a year!). A few of his buddies will be over shortly to enjoy some beers, chips and loud cars on our massive TV. I will go shopping. 🙂
He didn’t want me to take his pic, but the bowls of chips were a boring photo on their own. haha. Two varieties of Kettle Chips (Salted and Honey Dijon) and the leftover Mrs. Vickies (Jalapeno) from last week. Beers of choice: Sleeman’s Honey Brown.

The Canadian Cancer Society daffodils have opened up nicely today. Too bad we lost our sunny weather.