Since I’ve been working ever since I last posted, I don’t have much to report. Hmmmmm. Work is interfering with my blogging! 🙂

Around 1:30 I got pretty hungry…it came on really fast. I tided myself over with a THIRD cuppa coffee…this one with vanilla soy milk because we ran out of skim this morning. I hate that….when I did a few groceries this weekend and totally missed that we were low on something. I am sure that milk carton was pretty full on Saturday morning. oh well!

So when I had a few minutes to throw a lunch together I made a little mixed snack plate: big dollop of hummus, Kashi crackers, two kinds of olives, pickled beets and baby carrots.

For some fresh produce I put out a bunch of bright green grapes with a little side of light cheddar. This is one of my all time favorite combos. Something about the tang of a little old cheddar with the sweetness of a juicy grape. Love it. This particular batch of grapes is extra good too…which is always nice.

I’ve opted to skip the gym today in order to spend some quality bday time with my honey. Nothing super special planned…maybe a dinner out if he wants. I’m thinking of running to Sobey’s to get him a fun little cake…they always have fab & tasty treats in their bakery for a reasonable price.