So FH agreed to a nice dinner out. Of course! Who wouldn’t go for a free birthday dinner? πŸ™‚ We hummed and hawed a bit but chose to go to The Keg because we’ve never been to the one here in Halifax together. He’s been there once I think, and I’ve never been there at all. If you didn’t know already, FH is a steak and potatoes kind of man so it was really a no-brainer!
I attempted to take a few photos, but it was a bit tough. Too dark and FH was rolling his eyes at me. He started with a pint of beer, and I had my traditional Keg drink of choice…a Caesar! Yum. We were considering wine, but their wine list isn’t great and it’s more overpriced than a lot of nicer places in town. We don’t mind paying for good wine, but we do mind paying for expensive mediocre wine. So he had another beer with his main course, and I just went with water (I was driving anyway so it all worked out).

FH of course got himself the steak & lobster. He doesn’t eat seafood….EXCEPT for lobster and scallops. I was excited to see crab on the special menu right now and couldn’t decide between steak & crab or a steak topped with cheesy crabby sauce. FH said that I should go for the pure form, so steak & crab it was. (I’m still wondering how yummy that sauce would have been though!) Our meals came with salads I forgot to take photos of…but I’m sure you all know what a tossed salad looks like. πŸ™‚ And of course, the legendary Keg sourdough….which I LOVE, but graciously let FH have my second piece….cuz I’m nice like that.
The mound of potatoes was MASSIVE. I ate maybe half. My steak doesn’t look too big hiding under those crab legs, but it was an 8 ouncer and I only ate maybe 2/3 of it. Too.Much.Food.

Since we didn’t have wine at the restaurant and nothing on the dessert menu caught our eye (we don’t usually order dessert but since it was his bday I said we should), we decided to just grab a bottle of wine on the way home instead. FH picked out his what he would like and we enjoyed it while playing some cards and starting to watch a movie (any Donnie Darko fans out there? I’ve never seen it, so we decided it seemed like something worth renting….we’re only about 1/2 way in and so far, so weird.) In lieu of dessert I broke out some of the Easter candy and we each had a tiny little dish of chocolate coated caramels with our wine. Deeeelish.