Eeeegad! Am I annoying you all with these multiple daily posts? I am enjoying the photo blogging, but I’m worried people won’t be able to keep up and will find it boring. I hope my new experiment works for everyone.

Our dinner tonight did indeed get cancelled, so FH and I each took the opportunity to run some separate errands. I was hungry when I left (because I had been holding out thinking we were going out for dinner) so I ate the other half of this Larabar I started yesterday.

One of my errands included stopping at Bulk Barn (that place is evil!) where I of course had to get myself a treat….I opted for this “open sesame” mix because I love those little sesame sticks and thought it would be good to get them mixed with something. I ate a heaping handful…it was OK, but the other stuff in the mix is bland and boring. blanched peanuts, unflavored corn nuts, regular raisins. Meh.

FH wasn’t home yet when I finished up so I just went ahead and made dinner out of a few leftovers in the fridge. I had a chicken breast left from last night so I flipped it open and spread some light herby cream cheese in there and then tucked a thin slice of ham in with that. Seasoned and cooked on the good old Griddler. Perfect! I steamed up the asparagus I’ve been meaning to use for a while, along with some baby carrots just to up my veggie portion. Small dinner but it’s all I needed because of the boring snack mix I’d already snarfed back. (oh, I only ate 1/2 of the chicken…saved the other 1/2 for my other 1/2.)

You saw in my other post what I’ve been up to tonight. I’m enjoying every last one of those Easter Smarties while I type this post! 🙂