OK, first the weather report for Halifax. Schizophrenic. That’s the only word that describes what is going on outside. Sun, snow, hail, sun, rain, snow, hail, sun, snow, snow, snow, run. Nutty.

Conveniently today turned into a work-a-thon nightmare (what? they want me to work for my paycheque?…booo to that!) so I’ve only had to witness that crazy weather through the window.

So since FH is leaving tomorrow for SIX FREAKING WEEKS, I’ll be doing a fly-by post to tell you about today’s eats so far…..

Breakfast: leftover mini-sausage, leftover hotcake w/ strawberries in warm syrup and some banana slices. and coffee…which I drank so fast I forgot to take the photo!

Second coffee. Thank God for two cups!

Lunch was actually two snacks because I got roped into an unneccesary and extra long conference call today. Snack one: hummus, Kashi crackers, and English cucumber.

Snack two: grapes & light cheddar, strawberries & Maranatha almond butter

Oh ya, and the cookie I ate so I wouldn’t tell off the sales guys on the phone today!

That’s it so far. Going to see how FH is feeling and decide what to do for a our “last night” dinner. 😦 We have to deliver all of his gear to the ship and drop my car off at a garage tonight, so I’m betting on eatin out.