Don’t you just feel so disconnected from the world when your internet goes down? Gah! That’s what happened to us last night. I came up to do my bedtime post and was online for a few minutes, then WHAMO…nothing. Booooo. I fiddled around for a bit, unplugging the modem and such, but honestly I was tired and didn’t feel like figuring it out. We were sorta hoping it was just the ISP and it would be fixed overnight.

No such luck. I got up this morning only to have the same problem. Fiddled around some more and finally unplugging and resetting the router seems to have fixed the issue. Totally random. Oh well, I’m back now!
The sorting of the office papers got waylaid by the task of organizing and scanning all of my medical insurance claim receipts, etc. I just got on FH’s work coverage last year sometime and it’s taken me until now to figure out what I’m supposed to do to claim my money back. Hopefully I’m doing it right and they’ll send me a fat cheque for all of those chiropractor and massage appointments I went through over the fall and winter. We shall see!
Since I have the scanner connected I was able to finally scan the photo of me and the cute little monkey at our resort in Punta Cana. I posted it on my other blog where more of my family and friends check in from time to time.
Dinner last night wound up just being simple soup and sammiches because FH is still feeling really under the weather. Ciabatta buns with deli turkey and light cheddar grilled under the broiler. I kept mine as a one-sided open faced deal and ate up the rest of that chickpea & cheddar salad from the night before. The soup was Lipton’s Chicken Noodle….yummy sickypants food!

I also ate a freaking TON of candy. I didn’t even take pictures. Ridiculous. Mostly jelly beans (these were really good ones from Bulk Barn), some peanut butter eggs, and a few peanut butter bunnies. Too bad really because I had been doing so good avoiding the candy most of the day and only ate this one cookie while reading after dinner.

Is it just me or is Breaking Dawn a little on the graphic side for the teenagers it’s supposedly aimed at?

Gah. Well the cookies are all packed up for gifting (saving only 4 for me) and the remaining candy will be thrown in for decoration now too!!