Not being one to waste food, I’ll be on a mission to eat up whatever I have on hand this week. You’ve probably noticed a pattern of that whenever FH goes away. I like to try to just eat whatever we already have instead of buying new stuff since I’m not worrying about feeding anyone but myself anyway. (Of course, I usually end up going to the store for bananas or something and come home with a cartfull!)

I was craving a healthy lunch due to the extra candy and treats consumed this weekend, but there staring me in the face were two sad containers of chicken noodle soup (two different sodium-laden varities). Not terribly unhealthy, but certainly nothing natural about Lipton and Campbell’s! So I of course added veggies!

brocolli, matchstick carrots, and spinach….and ya I mixed both soups together. πŸ™‚

Served that up along with the half ham & cheese baguette sammich FH didn’t eat last night and a side of sliced English cucumber. Deeeelish. And there’s my McDonald’s Olympics glass with some sparkling Perrier.

After lunch my caffeine buzz had long since worn off (considering I only had ONE cuppa coffee today and it was about 3 hours earlier than usual) so I made a cup of pekoe tea and served it up with some PC mini organic choco chip cookies.

Dinner is going to be a long way off since I want to head to the gym after work, so I just had this little snacky dish. grapes, blackberries, and strawberries. I still feel hungry but I think that’s just all that junk food punishing me. I’ll wait til dinner like a good girl. πŸ™‚