I had a glorious sleep last night. Probably because I was exhausted. Long day, good workout, red wine, too much food, late night = sleep like the dead. As per usual I snoozed a little too long and was a bit groggy when I got up.

I was supposed to take my car in to get the thermostat fixed today, but I’m glad I called first because they received the wrong part. Too bad because I was hoping to have it fixed before my BC buddy gets here on Monday (we plan to do a lot of driving around) but it’s actually for the better because today is yet another insanely busy day for me. Taking 2+ hours out of my day for that appointment really would have messed things up. It’s not a life-threatening part anyway, so next week will be fine.

For breaky I got to savor the second half of my yummy pain au chocolate. So glad I saved half! Enjoyed it with some fruit and of course coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Got a new bag from Starbucks…the Pike Place blend…which I’ve only ever had in Seattle before. It’s smoooooth.

Since I have so much to-do today, I’m doing a work-task-work-task sort of approach. The sun is still shining so I did a couple of my outdoor tasks right after breaky. Cleaned the winter junk off the front porch (that’s right Mother Nature…I put the snow shovel AWAY!) and walked up to the mailbox. On my way there I noticed my neighbor’s lawn….look at those random crocuses…yaaaieeee Spring!

Another cuppa coffee while I put my HUGE to-do list together.

More work, more chores, then lunch. Still working on cleaning up the items in the fridge, so I opted for a double dose of egg whites, on an English muffin, with light cheddar and salsa. Seriously people this is SO GOOD. Served it with some sliced cukes and a big bottle of water.

My kitty was hanging around the kitchen so I broke out some treats for him. Here is Mr. Stoopy licking his chops. He loves him some kitty treats!