What a day! I came home with a bundle of energy (likely fueled by my late day, post hike coffeeeeeee) but now I’m relaxing and totally pooped. I thought I’d break up my hike posting by doing food on this one and the actual fun recap on another. So here’s the boring part…come back tomorrow for a full report!!

– power fueled at 7am with an english muffin SLATHERED in pb & topped with sliced banana, brought along some grapes for the car ride but didn’t eat them (that’s too much food for me that early in the morning).

– due to time and lack of milk at home, stopped and picked up TWO large coffees (1 cream, 1 sugar…and that was even too much…that Timmy’s cream is hardcore!)

Lunch: preview photo
egg salad on this amazing multigrain Portugese bun, with brocolli sprouts
– carrot sticks w/ side of almond butter & dollop of honey
– Larabar (didn’t eat)
– apple (didn’t eat)
– gum

– trail mix: almonds, red skin peanuts, cashews, raisins, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, banana chips, dried cherries, dried apricots, dried pineapple, yogurt covered cranberries (ate about 1/2)

Dinner: post hike early dinner at The Port Pub

– Rojo Mojo Red Ale (& keep the water coming!)

Lobster Clubhouse with massive mound of deeeeeeeeelicious fries (I ate 1/2 the sammich and all of the fries…with mayo for dipping…the other half of that fabulous sammy is in my fridge for tomorrow)

For the drive home we stopped at the local home of Just Us! Coffee, where we browsed and bought a few treats to bring home. I opted for an afternoon Italian Roast coffee with a smidge of organic sugar and a splash of skim. Deeeeelish. Sorry, no photo of the coffee…but here’s some treaties I brought home: a Bumble Bar (Chai flavor!), mint dark chocolate (damn flash!), white chocolate trail mix bark, individual hot chocolates.

According to Angie’s heart rate monitor we burned somewhere around 1400 calories on our approximately 16km hike. Go us!!!