…without my camera. OMG, yesterday was such a bummer. Lotsa sun and beautiful sights out at Peggy’s Cove…and me without my trusty pink camera. Booooo. Thankfully I’ve been there before so I already have lotsa photos, but still!! and I’m totally distraught about not having food porn for you lovely readers. I know I’ve picked up a bunch of new lurkers since I started photographing my meals…please don’t run away before I can back to it!

We got a REALLY late start yesterday, due to the fact that we both needed to sleep longer to feel human again. However, we were both determined to enjoy the sun that finally graced Nova Scotia with it’s presence so we got ourselves cleaned up and on the road in the late afternoon.

A beautiful scenic drive out to the Cove…less than an hour from my house. As I was the first time, Tiffaney was just in love with the blue water, cute cottages, amazing scenery, and of course the first view of the lighthouse as we came around a bend in the road. Totally worth the wait for good weather. She was excited to find that Peggy’s Cove is actually a little village with houses, fishing, a cafe, etc….not just a lighthouse on a rock. We wandered around the rocks for a long while so she could take photos and enjoy the views…then moved on to wander the little town where we also saw William deGarthe’s granite monument and visited the cutest gift shop.

Eats for the day were completely random…although I tried to keep it as healthy as possible (considering the major desire for “hangover food”), there was definitely an emphasis on carbs.

– toast w/ pb & banana
lemon Liberte yogurt straight from the tub
Tim Horton’s Iced Cap & sour cream glazed donut (we needed the sugar in a big bad way!)
– grapes
– chicken souvlaki wrap & house salad w/ sherry vinagrette
– 2 x Cosmopolitan
– baked fries w/ mayo

After our trip back from the Cove we relaxed at home a bit, then I took Tiff to FH’s and my favorite local restaurant, The Armview. They make the best comfort food (ie: I always order the souvlaki wrap). Deeeelish. Then we went downtown for a couple of drinks so she could see another Halifax landmark bar/restaurant, The Economy Shoe Shop. Can’t come to Hali without visiting there. Due to our late night on Thursday we opted for an earlier night last night.

Today we are bright eyed and bushy tailed (wouldn’t THAT make a funny picture!) and are just getting ready to hit the road to Mahone Bay, Chester, and Lunenberg today. The Bluenose II is supposed to be alongside in Lunenberg so we are pretty excited to see that (damn, if only I had my own camera!). The sun is shining and the sky is blue!! Perfect day for a road trip!