Well folks, the lovely Tiffaney has departed back to Victoria. Boooo. I know, it seems like she just got here. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Now if only I had some photos of her to show you! (she will be forwarding me all of her fun photos when she gets home and has time to upload them)

For our final day we decided just to stick to downtown Halifax. The weather was still quite warm, but a little overcast and CRAZY WINDY. We slept in, went for another fantastic tummy-filling meal at The Armview (yummy omelets!), then headed down to the waterfront. Due to being early in the season a lot of the boardwalk along the harbor is closed for construction, but she got the idea. Then we just wandered up and down the city streets looking in shops and checking out the AMAZING old city architecture. Halifax really is a gem of a city as far as history goes….having a friend along sure makes you stop and look at things you might not have normally even noticed.

We then moved the car over to Spring Garden Road, got a Starbucks coffee (and water!) and dug in for some more wandering and window shopping. We even managed a quick trip into Pete’s Frootique because I was drooling over Angie’s Nut Butter post the other day and wanted to get my hands on that Cinnamon Raisin PB. Of course, they were SOLD OUT so I got the White Chocolate PB instead. (Review to come!) Unfortunately, the Public Gardens are still closed for the season so we couldn’t wander through there…but that just reinforced her thoughts about coming back some other time a little later in the year. Yaaaieeeee!

Once we walked back up the street to the car, we decided to go looking for Point Pleasant Park. I’ve tried to find this gem of a park twice before, but could never figure it out. Now that I’ve found it, I can’t believe how easy it was! Don’t you hate that? haha. Anyway, it was chilly and still a bit blustery but we got in a good solid hour long walk in the park and really enjoyed the military history and remnants, etc throughout the area. I’ve already emailed FH and told him “guess where we’ll be hanging out this Summer?!“. There are a thousand different path combinations to be taken, hundreds of good photo opportunities (helloooooooo new camera!) and all kinds of places to just chill, picnic, read, whatever.

And then since we were on a roll and not totally starving just yet, we decided to venture around the inlet to Purcell’s Cove and track down the Dingle Tower. I can see the Tower almost every day when I go through the Armdale Rotary and up Quinpool Road so we figured it was high-time to get over there and check this thing out. I once asked someone if it would be worth taking my Mom over there and they said it was just a little park. Gah!! I don’t remember who that person is but they were so WRONG. The tower itself is incredible. There’s a huge park with all kinds of picnic areas, a kids play area, little beaches, a seawall, a canteen for snacks….not to mention the view! Again, I have included this place on the list of places I plan to drag FH to all Summer long. Another FANTASTIC find. Too bad Tiff and I got there so late in the day, but hopefully there was still enough sun for her photos to turn out.

Wow, this is turning into the longest post ever. Don’t worry, after this we just headed straight for dinner then home early to bed for her insanely early flight.

Dinner was just a quick choice on the fly of Opa! in the shopping area near my house. Most of the restaurants out here are chain restaurants and I didn’t want her ending her trip with some boring non-descript pasta from East Side Mario’s…so we decided on Opa! because the downtown location is really good. Well, this new location was excellent as well. We shared a bunch of little plates and left supremely stuffed (yet again!). I’ll definitely be going back (hello Halifax Blog Girls! *waving*).

It was our longest day of the whole adventure, but we were so glad to find fun new places and everything was just lovely. I can’t wait for photos to post so I can relive some of the fun! Thankfully I’m heading home to Victoria in a couple of weeks, so there will be more visiting. Yaaieeeee!

Even though this has gone on long enough, I feel obligated to throw in the daily eats….

– Kashi bar
– 2 egg omelet with mushrooms & cheddar, side bacon, home fries, wheat toast w/ pb, coffee
– afternoon Starbucks coffee w/ raw sugar & skim milk, water
– Opa! dinner: shared hummus/tzatziki/feta cheese dip & pita, mixed Greek olives, spanakopita, saganaki, small Greek salad, red Sangria