Today was a day of playing catch-up. Sleep, work, chores, diet, yoga.

I got back from dropping Tiffaney off at the airport around 5:30am and climbed back into bed with the idea that I would get up at my normal time to start work at 9am. Boy was I surprised when my alarm didn’t go off and it was after 11am when I woke up. Ooooops. Sorta blew my daily schedule out of the water….but I sure needed those zzzz’s.

So I had to forfeit my plan to hit the gym today. Such is life. Today makes exactly one week so getting there tomorrow seems like an appropriate fresh start. Aside from writing a fairly lengthy blog this morning I worked solidly between noon and 6pm, then came back around 8pm or so to tie up some more loose ends. Still not totally caught up (you’d think I took more than a day and a half off!) but I’ll get there tomorrow.

During my little break, I had a healthy dinner and got some chores done. We didn’t use the kitchen much this last week, and Tiff was a great houseguest in that she washed dishes and cleaned up after herself so thankfully the downstairs chores were really easy. I only have left to vacuum and do a runthrough upstairs. She even pulled all of her sheets and towels together before we left at 4:45 this morning!

Since I didn’t get to the gym, and my body is a little stiff from so much driving and a long day at my desk I’m going to get in a yoga session here shortly. I am thinking about the Yoga for Back Pain because I did it the other day and quite liked it. Can’t beat

Today’s eats were pretty good…

coffeeeee w/ skim & demerara
Kashi bar, lemon Liberte yogurt, watermelon & grapes
smidge of leftover hummus/tzatziki/feta dip with 3 leftover pita triangles, a few crackers, baby carrots & celery sticks
– snacked on a half glass of white wine and a serving of Buffalo Blue Kettle Chips while making dinner
– “on the fly” dinner creation: low fat sundried tomato turkey sausage sauteed with mushrooms, red onion & carrots, tossed with 1/3 cooked Smart macaroni and homemade tomato parmesan cream sauce (for the sauce I used skim milk & Olivina to keep it light)
– strawberries & more lemon Liberte