Sleep was a little tougher last night…probably because I had such an exhaustive sleep on Saturday night. I read for a while and eventually tried the TV for a while, but neither of those tired me out. I tossed and turned and laid awake with my mind burning for quite some time. I think it was well after 1:30am when I finally konked out…then I was only half asleep between about 7:30 and 8:30. Gah. Oh well.

The sun is out today so I’m working hard on my productivity challenge to myself so I might be able to get outside and see some of that blue sky. Mondays are always a full work day though…so far it looks like I’ll be chained to my desk…I’m certainly not as far along as I would like to be.

I started my morning with a perfect cup of coffee…yummmm….just what I needed.

Followed up with the second cup, plus breakfast. I wasn’t feeling actual breakfast food today, so I went for an open faced cucumber sammich. Toast with light herby cream cheese and sliced cukes.

Side of watermelon to snack on until lunch time.
Oh…look what came in the mail! Not like I haven’t tried Kashi granola bars a hundred times, but I like free stuff as much as the next gal. mmmmm….dark chocolate cherry!!

Must go work on my to-do list….a little bit of personal stuff in between a lot of work stuff. Wish me luck!