A new reader, Jennifer, left me a note the other day asking about cooking eggs in the microwave. Now, I’m no expert (I blew up an egg I was trying to micro-poach just a couple of weeks ago) but I thought I’d give a quick info session on how I’ve been preparing my egg whites lately.

Super easy!!

I use a small ramekin (1 cup size…came with my Corningware set). Spray it lightly with cooking spray. Then just add your egg whites (I use about 1/4 – 1/3 cup) and any seasonings or mix-ins you like. Today I used only a splash of milk and some salt & pepper, but often I add a little shredded cheese or fresh herbs or green onions. Beat lightly with a fork to mix.

DSCN0163 DSCN0164

My microwave takes just over a minute to cook these (try starting at 45 seconds then assess in your own microwave). After one minute, I check them and maybe stir a tiny bit to get the juices up to the top, then cook again for about 15 seconds.



That’s it!

While the egg is cooking I make my toast, stir my coffee, etc.


Today I put my egg on top of a slice of multigrain toast with some Cheeeeeeze Whizzzzzz. Yes, fake cheese but I found it in the fridge and couldn’t resist. 🙂 Topped the whole works with some salsa. Deeeeeelish. Enjoyed with my coffee and a side of watermelon.