Now that is what I call a grrreat yoga class! Last night Angie and I finally got our buns to another warm yoga class at Breathing Space (they call it hot, we call it warm because it’s not hot like Bikram or Moksha). They’ve changed their schedule for Spring and we like the new time slot for this class…the Sunday class is great too, but inevitably it’s tough to get to a 3:30 class on a day that is often dedicated to errands, chores, etc.

Our class was small, so our instructor (Shelly, who’s actually the owner) really took a lot of time to focus on form and positions. Loved it. Every time I take a class I feel better and better about my form and to have someone really take the time to go over it was awesome. I sweat buckets during this class, but never once felt exhausted or like I was overexerting myself (unlike other classes I’ve been to with different instructors). I was really able to get into it, accomplished some new poses, took on some previously difficult poses (take THAT warrior 3!), and learned a modification for back bends that really worked for me. Often when the teachers are offering bolsters, blocks, etc I don’t take them up on it…but Shelly just plunked a bolster down on my calves for camel pose…and who knew it was just what I needed to help support my weak lower back!

Today I’m definitely feeling the muscles that don’t always get attention at the gym, but my back feels good and my core feels strong. I am looking forward to trying her class again!!

A little something from our instructor….

“Buddha was once asked if he was a God, he said no.
Buddha was once asked if he was a Spirit, he said no.
So then he was asked ‘what are you then?’
He answered ‘awake’.”