…it’s another! Yes, I’m full of cliches lately. Ugh…so I finally got that whole camera thing sorted out (I think!) and now I’m having a computer MELTDOWN.

My laptop has been on it’s last legs for a while, which is why I broke down not too long ago and bought a new desktop computer. But I still need my laptop for travel. I’m traveling this coming week… visiting friends and family, but I’m working the whole time too. So yesterday I decided I’d better clean up the laptop to get it all ready for the trip. Well…apparently it didn’t like that idea.

It was processing very slowly, so I decided to just reformat the whole thing and start from scratch. Generally a fine idea, right? Except once it was all loaded up it decided not to recognize a bunch of it’s own hardward…like the wireless card (kind of important for an internet based job!!). So…blah blah blah…after much fiddling and frustration I decided just to reinstall again…but now it’s saying some file is corrupt and wants me to fix it, but it won’t boot properly for me to do a disk check! Actually it’s stuck in a loop….starts to boot, then resets, starts to boot, then resets. Argh.

I had planned on replacing it later this year once my traveling and expenses were all out of the way (honestly I was hoping it would last forever!)…now is not a good time!! But I CANNOT leave here on Saturday without a working laptop set up for my work emails, etc….so I guess I’m going shopping tomorrow. Nothing like a last minute, impromptu shopping trip! Blah.

Sidebar: while doing some quick research I thought a netbook would be perfect…but they don’t have DVD drives which is no fun! It’s nice to be able to watch movies on a laptop when I travel. Too bad.