I’m actually somewhat on schedule. Thanks mainly to a nice, quiet work day. Maybe some of the sales guys took pity on me and my blathering email about needing to go laptop shopping on the fly. I dunno, but I’ll take it.

You’ll be impressed, people. Well, I’m impressed with myself, but maybe I’m just funny that way. 🙂

Since my afternoon post I have: made dinner/ate dinner/worked/started laundry/picked up laptop/worked out/showered/started second laundry load/set up Office and email on laptop/packed suitcase/did hair/prepped airplane food/and several other little random things probably not worth mentioning. I had hoped to be all done by about 10:30 so I could relax/blog/decompress with some PVR before bed but I guess I have to settle for just the blogging. I have to be up at 5:30 to finish packing and be ready for my ride by 6am!

So anyway….healthy food and activity related stuff….

Lunch consisted of the previously discussed non-fat latte from Starbucks and this yummy Eat Natural bar I picked up at Bulk Barn yesterday. It was somewhat like a gourmet rice crispy treat….the dark chocolate & macadamia nuts made it very decadent….the 220 calories made it suffice as a meal for today.

Dinner was my cry out for fast food. During the stressful laptop trip, I drove past every fast food joint known to man. But I didn’t cave! Instead I came home to a silly treat of baked white meat chicken nuggets (I knew I kept these babies in the freezer for a reason!) and a huge bowl of the salad I made yesterday. Dressed it with honey & grapeseed oil. Fabulous!! And of course mayo (light) and honey mustard to make the chicken nugget event complete.

After the gym I was feeling pretty wobbly, so I made a little snack of dried fruit when I got home (pineapple, apricots, cherries, and yogurt covered cranberries).

Later I made a bowl of Liberte Svelt vanilla yogurt and strawberries because I was still dealing with perishables that won’t make it through the week.

I froze the rest of the strawberries…made a salad (using the last of the hummus as dressing) for my flight tomorrow…and the grapes will be a good pre-breakfast in the car on the way to the airport (I can’t actually eat at 6am…ugh). I’ve eaten a bit of the watermelon, but it’s on it’s last legs anyway.

And yes people you read that right…I did indeed fit a workout into my crazy day!! I promised myself I would because chances of me getting much chance for a workout this week are next to none.

Treadmill: 15 minute incline power walk (full incline), 5:30 minute power walk (low incline) = total 1 mile, 125 cals

Strength (full body): 2 sets x 15 reps of each of the following:
– plie squats w/ 15lb bar
– stationary lunges holding 2 x 8lb weights (each leg)
– hamstring curls on the ball
– bicep curls w/ 25lb bar
– military presses w/ 25lb bar
– tricep pulldowns @ 15lbs
– regular crunches
– bicycle crunches

In and out of the gym in under an hour. Whew. 🙂

Now just a few more little things to do (pack up the new laptop!) and then off to bed. The next time you see me will probably be live from the Calgary airport during the layover on my way to Victoria. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

PS: I little shout out to Amy for picking ME as the the winner in her Hallmark ESBM greeting card giveaway. Yaaaaieeeee! 🙂