A couple of you seemed surprised that we can bring food on airplanes these days.

Honestly, I didn’t know there was ever a rule that you couldn’t and in the last 3-4 years I have flown a lot! Mainly within Canada, but also to the US several times and to the Dominican earlier this year.

I can speak for sure within Canada…on Westjet and Air Canada. You can indeed bring food…just no beverages from outside security.

I almost always have some kind of granola bar/cookies/fruit/snacks with me. This has never been a problem at security. This time I had a salad, but because it didn’t have dressing on the side it was fine (I pre-dressed it using hummus and they never even looked at it). With the lack of food provided on flights these days, the airlines actually encourage you to bring your own meals/snacks.

I see people with burgers, subs, fries, bagels, etc. Most of them are probably purchased within the security area, but lots aren’t. A few trips ago, there was a pregnant girl in front of me that had a whole picnic in her carry-on. She kept coming out with cheese, crackers, strawberries, granola bars, bananas, you name it! She and her hubby were quite entertaining for the whole flight. 🙂

Rules are different crossing borders and especially going to foreign countries though so make sure to double check. Angie once mentioned she got busted for having nuts in her carry-on when she got to Cuba, but I think they are more worried about fresh nuts/seeds/etc from farms than they are about the peanuts in your trail mix.

When in doubt, check it out! Most airports have really good detail on this on their websites.

Bring on the healthy snacks!