Those of you that visit my blog to see my healthy ideas and meals, LOOK AWAY NOW! Lordy, lordy…I sure know how to jump off the wagon HARDCORE! 🙂

But seriously…I can’t go to The Keg and order “healthy”. It’s just not right.

Mom and I really are traditionalists (also known as creatures of habit) for her birthday. It’s always The Keg or another local restaurant The Bold Knight (which is also steaks and seafood). This year could be no exception!


Don’t mind if we do!!

Started with Keg-size Bloody Caesars


Appies of Jumbo Tiger Shrimp Cocktail, Mushrooms Neptune, and of course the famous Keg sourdough bread with butter.




Main courses: Mom had steak and lobster, I had the Crab/Cheddar Sirloin…both with loaded baked potatoes.



We shared a side of button mushrooms and a side of fresh asparagus.


Had I known the amount of cheese sauce on my steak I may have asked them to scale back (not that it stopped me from eating it since it was there!). Holy cheese-fest Batman. And too bad that they felt it necessary to drench our asparagus in butter too….but really at this point, oh well!!

(I should note that I only ate half the potato and brought home about a third of my steak….although I still ate way too much!)

Even though both of us were filled to button-popping proportions, we still had to have a dessert since this was a birthday after all!! Mom choose the creme brulee which is my all time favorite dessert so I stole a few (OK, like half) spoonfuls from her to enjoy with my fancy after-dinner coffee.


Mandatory Coffee (decaf): Bailey’s and Peppermint Schnapps. drool.


I felt pretty yucky for the rest of the evening and this morning I was absolutely starving due to the mass consumption of food last night, but it also strengthened my resolve to try to take it a little easier for the rest of my vacation.