So I was trying to think back on my eats and happenings since my last post during my trip, and wound up back on Thursday.  The day after the big Keg feast for Mom’s birthday.


I didn’t take a breakfast photo so it must not have been anything exciting or worth mentioning.  I’m going to guess it was either a bowl of cereal or a Larabar or something.  Oh!  That reminds me…look what I found while shopping at Mom’s local grocery store!!

Coconut Creme Pie!!

(friggin expensive though so I only got four)

In the afternoon I hopped the train for a ride back to Victoria.  On the way there I got Mom to stop at my absolute favorite little restaurant in Nanaimo…Delicado’s.  I’ve mentioned the Victoria location in previous posts, but Nanaimo was the original and is still the best by far.  Southwestern yumminess!!  They have a zillion other things on their menu, but I’ve been ordering the chicken rollup since about 1993 so I’m not about to change now!

253 254

It comes in a range of heat but I always go for medium-minus.  A little tastier than mild, but not as much chipolte as medium.  I asked for extra sunflower sprouts because I think they are the best part!  It’s also filled with cheese and their own pico mix…which has black beans, corn, carrots, rice, seasonings, etc.  Deeeee-freaking-lish!

256 258

The lady next to me on the train was probably hating me with my fabulous smelling lunch!

I also got a yummy “deli-bar” for old times sake.  It’s peanuts in a soft caramelly type stuff, topped with chocolate.  Drool.


It was a beautiful day for a train ride.  The sun was out and everything was soooo green.  A great way to travel if you have the time.

255 282 270 262