Did I mention OMG?!  Ahhhhhh…I’m dying over here people.  Can’t talk about Idol cuz I don’t want to spoil it for anyone that hasn’t seen it yet.  Damn time zones!!  OMG OMG OMG!!!

So instead I shall regale you with the story of my evening.

It all starts with an odd desire to work in the yard.  Definitely spurred on by the fact that our already sub-par yard seems to have collected ten houses worth of dandelions and the season has just begun!  Instead of tackling the back yard I decided that our little front yard needs some TLC first and if I do well at that I’ll move on to the back (or hopefully FH will get on it when he returns).

Before I took a trip to Rona I snacked on this tasty Clif bar.  Neither my breakfast or lunch contained much protein so this yummy treat held me over until my later dinner.


At Rona (it’s like Home Depot except Canadian!) I got some new lawn soil, a huge bag of grass seed, some environmentally friendly bug killer (little beetles are eating my lilies already!), and a fun weed-puller-outer-thingy.

So I raked and raked, then pulled a zillion weeds, then pulled out the lawn mower only to find we were totally out of gas (honey!!).  Went and got gas (and a 649 ticket…$49bazillion!) but even with gas in it the mower wouldn’t catch.  Grrrr.  It’s brand new so I’m thinking I just don’t know about using it the first time of the year?

Anyway, since I couldn’t mow I couldn’t put down the fresh soil or grass seed.  Pooooo.  Gotta get it all short and pretty so I can see where it needs the leveling and TLC.  I hate when motivation is cut short!

So…dinner time instead. 

011 012 

Thawed out some homemade meatballs, mixed with some veggies, some Smart macaroni, and a can of seasoned diced tomatoes.  Mix in a little parmesan and seasoning…et voila!


During American Idol I broke out a new treat I picked up at the store the other day.  Vanilla Cream Soda!  From the natural foods section.  A bit sweet for cream soda, but still deeeeeelish.  Enjoyed this with a chunk of white chocolate fruit bark I picked up at Just Us! when I went to Cape Split with the blog girls (and friends).




No gym tonight due to the lengthy process getting the yard all sorted out.  Boo to the hooooo.  Maybe it will all work out tomorrow.