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… not FREAKING Adam Lambert! (insert jaw dropping here)

I’m sorry, but who the heck was voting? You silly buggers!

Kris Allen is cute and humble and was obviously stunned so I do think he deserves some accolades, but come on! He’s no more interesting than any other mainstream singer. Just once can’t Idol have someone fun and cool and different?! (I know, it’s really a rhetorical question.)

THIS is why I lost interest in the show several seasons ago. The winners are always boring. Even last year, thank God David Cook won…but they’ve damn near ruined him with the sappy music they are making him record. He’s supposed to be a rocker!

Which, I guess, is why it’s a good thing Adam didn’t win. Now he can go on and have a fabulous career without the constraints of being tied to Idol and their un-fun music and lyrics. I read somewhere that the winners are tied to their Idol contracts for either seven years or seven records (unless of course the label cuts them loose). Poor Kelly Clarkson is stuck with them for like another 4 albums! She’ll be a granny!

Ha. So anyway, rants aside…wasn’t that an amazing finale? Even if the outcome wasn’t what I was hoping for, it was an awesome show and totally worth my two hours. (I mean, seriously, they got to rock out with Queen…how friggin cool is that?!) It just goes to show the star power of the final four because look how many viewers jumped on the bandwagon and started watching…and because of that look at the incredible show they were able to put together. No previous season of Idol has ever come close to that. Pay attention voters…the fun rockers made it great for everyone!

I’m still annoyed though! Grrrrrr. 🙂