You guys won’t believe this!!  Not only was I up by 7am, but I had a full workout and was at my desk by 9:15.  Amazing I know.  Of course, I owe this all to FH being home and returning to his normal work schedule.  (Usually he would be off this week for post-deployment leave but because of his course he had to go straight to it today…he’ll be off when the course is over instead.)


Treadmill: 2 min warm up, 18 minute run, 3 min cooldown (1.75 miles)

Upper Body:  I couldn’t remember if today was supposed to be upper or lower body…haha…tooooo early…so I just went with what felt best.

– 3 sets of 15: tricep pulldowns (15lbs), bicep curls (25lbs), military presses (25lbs)

Core: 30 of each

– side crunches on the ball (30 each side)

– reverse crunches

– regular crunches

Breakfast:  I was STARVING after the return to the early morning workout, so immediately following my shower I put together a big bowl of Kashi Honey Almond Flax cereal with unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze (& a few Cinnamon Puffins just for fun).  With coffeeeeee of course!  and a small side dish of blackberries for a fruit component.

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Lunch:  Don’t know if it was the lack of a real meal yesterday or just the change in routine, but by the time noon rolled around my stomach was actually grrrrrrowling.  After reading this fun little article on MSN today I decided that avocado needed to be on the menu…so made a repeat of the wrap from the other day.

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In the wrap:  light mayo, grainy dijon, shredded light cheddar, matchstick carrots, deli turkey, and lots of avocado.  All rolled up in a small ww tortilla and served with some Mary’s Crackers, a dollop of hummus, and a simple tomato salad (chopped tomato mixed with EVOO and s&p).


It’s soooo quiet for work today.  Most of my coworkers (including my bosses) are American so they’ve all taken a long weekend for Memorial Day.  It’s been a nice opportunity to catch up on some things I’ve been letting get backlogged.  Don’t you love a clean email Inbox?