You may have noticed a new addition to my blog —-> a donation button for the Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life. Please consider making a small (or large!!) pledge to help in my efforts to support this fantastic cause.

This year I tried to start my own Relay team, however it seems that a lot of folks I was counting on either couldn’t participate or weren’t interested. Honestly I was a little shocked and disappointed but I persevered because I was determined to be a part of this amazing event. As it turns out, Lynn has a team so it was the perfect solution to my issue and I have now joined the “All Night Fighters”. We are a small group but I have faith that we will raise some much appreciated funds and have a fun night Relaying for our favorite charity.

Long time readers will remember that I participated in the Relay last year. It was exhausting but I felt an amazing sense of accomplishment when we were done. I hope to take part every year!

Some of you may remember that the reason the Canadian Cancer Society is my cause of choice is because I have been personally affected by cancers in our family. I lost my Dad to stomach cancer when I was 18, and my Grandma to breast cancer in 2000. Other close friends and family members have been afflicted by this disease as well, and it seems to affect more and more people all the time. It’s an unforgiving disease that can attack anyone, anytime…no matter their health, gender, age, race. We need a cure!!

So please, if you are able, follow the link on the side and offer a donation. The Relay takes place on June 5th and I’d like to be able to beat my $500 from last year. Any pledge helps!!

Thank you!!