I’m off my game as far as meal planning goes this week.  Usually I at least have ideas in mind but since FH came home I haven’t done a proper grocery shop or put any advanced thought into dinners.  When I realized this afternoon that we had no meat ready to eat I pulled some lean ground beef out to thaw, but come dinner time it was still frozen solid.  I decided this would be the perfect time for a Tuna Noodle Casserole (a la Mrs Furious) but when I announced it to FH he said “I’ll pass”.  *gasp*  What?

He doesn’t eat fish, but he loves tuna sammiches.  Turns out that is the only way he likes tuna.  Who knew?!  Three years and I just learned this!

It all worked out because he took me out for a casual supper instead!  I guess he saw the shocked look on my face when he announced his dislike of my idea…so offered to head out to eat.  🙂

We chose Boston Pizza because it’s quick and close to home.

Started with the ridiculously unhealthy three cheese garlic toast.  This should also be referred to as “crack toast”. 


I spent quite a while trying to decide on something for my meal because it’s really not a very inspiring menu.  I usually get the spinach salad, but it is kind of boring.  Instead I opted for the chicken ciabatta sammich with a side Caesar salad.


This ended up being a good idea because I was able to bring half of it home for tomorrow.  It filled me up for the entire evening of movie watching and I didn’t feel any need for a snack

We just watched the movie Taken…it was really good!