It’s OK to eat cookies for breakfast once in a while, right?  bwahaha.

FH doesn’t have his course until this afternoon so we both took the opportunity for a “little” extra sleep this morning.  (ummm, except by “little” I accidentally managed to stay in bed until almost 10:30…oooops!)

We still haven’t picked up any crazy glue, so the coffee maker is still out of order *gasp*, but while I was in the shower FH snuck out and brought back another round of StarbucksWhat a guy!  Along with my venti black coffee (which I doctored up with some Demerara sugar and skim milk here at home) he presented me with two scrumptlicious chocorific cookies!


I ate my half of the chocolate chunk and a bite of the triple chocolate (I’m saving the rest for tomorrow or the weekend).  Twas deeeeeelish!  🙂

Then the guilt set in so when my tummy rumbled for real food I decided healthy was the definite way to go.  I give you coconut Liberte yogurt with chopped kiwi and blackberries.  The coconut tastes just like pie I tell you!!