How often do you cull your blogroll?  Do you have strict policies about who you put on your blogroll?  Or how regularly they need to be posting to stay on the roll?

This week I’ve made a few new additions (hello Jenna, Bec, and Zesty!) but in the interest of not letting the list get crazy long I had to delete a few peeps too.  Sorry folks, but if you haven’t posted in more than 4 weeks I won’t be keepin’ ya around.  There’s just toooo many awesome daily reads to keep me busy!

One of these days I’m going to move to WordPress, where it’s easier to make individual pages and maybe I’ll have a snazzy button to a blogroll instead of a longass list.  🙂

Friday’s eats thus far…

A little mid-morning snack of dried banana chips.  Wisely I just took a handful and walked away.  I’m addicted and would easily eat the entire bag.


Lunch was a protein-plate of sorts.  A mini-platter of deli turkey, mini dill pickles, light cheddar, cucumber slices, Grissol baguette crackers, and Mary’s crackers


With a side dish of the last of the navy beans mixed with salsa and heated.  This is a super simple, tasty way to get some extra protein and healthy vitamins.

 014 015   

I’m feeling really sluggish and craving sugar like you wouldn’t believe today.  Must be Friday!!  FH has the car, so no gym trip for me.  Instead I had a little afternoon snackypoo of trail mix with added dried fruits & a few milk chocolate chips.


Decided to have a small can of pineapple juice along with it.

Eventually I gave in and went in for my leftover half cookie from yesterday.  I warmed it for 5 seconds in the microwave.  Goooooey and deeeeeelish.  I should’ve just eaten it first instead of trying to pretend trail mix was going to do the trick.  hehe.


Tonight we are grilling burgers.  Good thing FH is tough because the stoooopid weather isn’t cooperating and it looks like he’ll be BBQing in the rain.  Boooooooo.