Do you know what happens when I am tired, do a morning workout, and only have one cup of coffee?  Afternoon crash, that’s what.  I did predict a dragging of the feet, but holy man…I just about nodded off at my desk!

I tried to be healthy and fill the void with 1/2 an apple with some crunchy organic peanut butter, but it didn’t work.


Around 3:30 I decided maybe sugar would help, so I drank up the second half of my Sugar Tahiti Treat leftover from yesterday.  Along with this I had a handful of honey roasted cashews and some chocolate macaroons.

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Felt great for about half an hour, but then the drive to get FH zoned me out again.  THIS is why I don’t really drink sugary sodas anymore…the CRASH.

Not enough coffee + too much sugar = exhausted me

Thankfully, dinner was easy leftovers of last night’s awesome pizza.  I heated it in the oven because microwaving it would have been gross.  We added some sautéed mushrooms on top this time just for fun, and served it with a huge, fresh salad.


In the salad bowl: romaine & radicchio, broccoli, cauliflower, orange pepper, tomatoes, red onion, and Renee’s Spring Herb Italian dressing.


After dinner FH suggested a walk, so we took a 15 minute stroll around the neighborhood.  Lovely.  Clear skies, but quite chilly!

For dessert I made up a bowl with the last of my Liberte coconut yogurt, one of my banana coconut muffins broken up, and three fresh strawberries chopped up and stirred in.  It’s like healthy trifle!


I’ve prepped more strawberries from the HUGE box I bought today, plus made a Greek-ish salad for lunch tomorrow, and cut up some more veggie sticks for whenever I need them.  We have a whole lotta produce in the fridge right now and I find it gets used up more quickly if it’s prepped and ready to go.

Now I think a sit on the couch is in order.  I’m pooooopered.



After visiting with our friends and their teeeeeny tiny little baby girl (with a MOP of hair…amazing!) FH was feeling kind of crappy so decided to take a nap. Instead of bothering with a huge dinner that we wouldn’t eat until like 9pm I decided just to make myself a salad and eat um the leftover pasta.


In the salad: romaine & iceberg, brocolli, matchstick carrots, red onion, mushrooms, Renee’s Spring Herb dressing

I wanted a chunk of the bread I bought to go with the pork tenderloin dinner we were supposed to have. Was perfect for sopping up sauce. This is the margarine recommended by FH’s nutritionist so I use it too when I just want a quick spread of something buttery. (It runs circles around Becel for flavor but it certainly ain’t butter.)

The pasta was just the leftover creamy tomato spaghetti from the other night, with some extra spinach wilted in and an extra scoop of sauce.

I enjoyed this at the table with the final Twilight book Breaking Dawn and a stack of newspaper flyers. I get a weird enjoyment out of reading the weekly flyers!

When FH got up we were watching a movie so I brought out a few Easter treats (yes, I have a big bag of loot!). Reese’s PB bunnies. Too cute. and yum too.

Now off to bed for a PVR’d episode of United States of Tara. LOVE that show!
The sun came out! Of course I’m stuck inside working…boooooo. I did manage to sneak out for a walk to the mailbox but I ran into my neighbor and lost any spare walking time to chatting with her. oooops. It’s so nice to see that there is no snow on the ground anymore….I thought it would never happen. Even a couple of little yellow crocuses are peeking out of the ground in the neighbors garden. Note to self: plant crocuses so we will have some next Spring too!

I wasn’t very hungry this morning so I just enjoyed a couple of my little blueberry scones with some coffee. FH kindly ran to the store for milk so we could do it up right. I totally forgot to get some yesterday and last night when we had tea poor FH had to go without because he hates his tea without milk. I enjoyed the first scone and coffee so much I forgot to take photos, but here’s what cup & scone number two looked like:

Lunch was a little mish-mosh of things on hand. Leftover turkey & black bean burger patty, some salsa, a serving of Riceworks Salsa Verde, carrots for my veg and some hummus because we seem to have a lot of it in the fridge right now. For my lunchtime dessert I had a bowl of yummy, sweet red and green grapes.

I munched the grapes while sitting through my weekly conference call. Thankfully this week we only went on for two hours….as opposed to the over three hours last week. One of our main marketing guys is away this week so we saved a ton of time by not having the rest of the sales team question him repeatedly about his report. I may actually finish work on time and be able to squeeze in a quick trip to the gym before dinner! (although I’m considering trying to go for a 20 minute walk, then do 20 minutes of yoga….we shall see!)