I can’t hear what she’s saying but I wonder if she knows that yelling at him over the sound of their lawnmower makes her voice carry up to our window?  It’s pretty obvious she’s annoyed at him about something!

Ahhhhh suburbia.  Don’tcha just love being only 8 feet away from your neighbors?  🙂

So, mid-afternoon the munchies hit…as always when I sit at my desk all day…so I decided to put some of the fresh berries to use.  In the bowl: sliced fresh strawberries, fresh raspberries (perfectly ripe!), the leftover bit of Liberte vanilla yogurt, and half of a crumbled up oatmeal chocolate chip bar.  (OK, you caught me, I ate the other half!)


After work I discovered FH snoozing on the couch so I took that as a sign that he wasn’t waiting around for dinner and used the opportunity to do a session from yogadownload.comDetox Yoga #1.  I thought I had done it before, but during the practice I didn’t recognize it so I guess it was one of the ones I downloaded and never got around to.  I quite enjoyed it, except I’m still terrible at Warrior 3.  I’m trying though!

When I finished FH was awake so I put him to work grilling up some steaks.  He’s in charge of steaks.  :)  Such a guy thing!  I don’t know what he seasons them with, but he always makes them super tasty.  (Veggie-heads close your eyes…red meat photos coming your way!)

To go with the meat I boiled up some more corn on the cob, and prepped a zucchini for grilling.  Easiest meal I’ve made in ages!


Cute little tenderloins…mine was only about 4oz…just perfect pour moi!


A la Amy, I topped my zucchini with herby goat cheese (insert drooling here).  And of course rubbed some real butter on my corn because margarine just doesn’t fly in this situation.  🙂

See, he grills the perfect medium-rarish steak!  (I like it soft and pink, but not running juice).


The sun came out again this afternoon and made for a lovely evening so we went for another walk around the neighborhood.  It’s not a big area but there are lots of different routes to walk so I’m happy FH is interested in going with me!  Afterwards I watered my lawn and checked on my little garden.  It’s coming along great!!  The new grass is starting to sprout…I’m very please with myself!

And now a movie with the mister.  He brought me a little treat from the movie store and I’ll happily enjoy a few of these:

027   Cuz when the sugar crash comes, it’ll be bedtime anyway!


Not many of you would know this, but as a rule I am an incredibly tidy person. I’m organized, I like things in their place, I put things back where I got them pretty much right after use. Our bedroom is the only room I really let go…and even that’s really just laundry on the floor that I pick up every day or two anyway. Living with FH I’ve definitely relaxed because he’s not near as concerned about things as I am, and I was going to drive myself around the bend trying to keep up. My heart still races when I see him drop his socks on the floor right after I’ve cleaned…but really they are socks…what harm are they doing?! It DOES drive me super insane that he still doesn’t know where a large majority of our dishes go….it’s like hide n seek after he empties the dishwasher!


The major exception to my anal tidyness is my office. Ever since I started working at home my office has slowly become a dumping ground. It’s especially bad now that I have a dedicated room for this. I used to be sooooo on top of my personal filing, it was ridiculous. Now, I just have heaps of paperwork piled all over or hiding in drawers and it’s a nightmare. For the fourth year in a row I am scrambling to get my tax paperwork together because I didn’t organize it as I went. Argh. Each year I start out with great intentions, but for some reason my tidy gene just doesn’t visit this room.

So, here’s what I’ve started with….trust me, you can’t really see how bad the paperwork situation is. There’s a small pile on the desk, and medium pile on the file cabinet AND on the friggin floor. Inside that filing cabinet is a scary mess…..just one gigantic heap. Gulp.

I just spent about an hour & and a half clearing the desk, rewriting all of my little notes either onto one big note or into proper documents on my computer. All of my mail is ready to go, the recipes have been put back where they belong, the paid bills moved, my work “to-do” list written. Next up I have to take those big stacks of paper and pull out everything that isn’t 2008. Thankfully most of the 2009 stuff should be in that one main pile on top of the filing cabinet….I hope.

Procrastination gets you nowhere. So now you know how I’m spending my Easter long weekend. I brought it on myself. Easter candy rewards will be had each time I get through a major task. Like right now I get a treat because I finished the desk (right down to the Windexing!). Easter Smarties are in my future. 🙂

Didn’t get near as much accomplished today as I’d wanted to, but I guess that’s my payback for the crazy sleep in. In fact, my last stop was supposed to be for cat litter and I totally forgot…it was the main reason I went out! Ha. Guess I’ll be going out again tomorrow. I also couldn’t find the piggy banks I was looking for….I have two baby gifts to get and my gift of choice is a cute silver piggy bank. I’ll have to head over to the other mall.

How to keep yourself from giving in to Orange Julius at the mall? Bring snacks!

Salsa Verde Riceworks Chips, a few dried apricots, water

I bought some daffodils in support of the Canadian Cancer Society while out today. The Cancer Society is my charity of choice (in fact, watch for a Relay for Life notice coming soon!) and it was a great day to buy Spring flowers. The sun came out by the end of my shopping trip!

In my travels today I landed up at Planet Organic looking for the ellusive Coconut Creme Larabars (I got only ONE…gah!) and while I was there I picked up a few other treats…including this Guiltless Gourmet Chipolte Wrap which I cooked up for dinner. I’ve had these before and they make a good easy-prep meal. Served with my usual salad mixed with salsa & light sour cream. Topped it all with a bit of finely shredded light monterey jack cheese.

Unfortunately I completely missed my workout. The day got away from me, so I had thought I could go this evening. But sure enough I waited too long and it turns out my gym closes at 8pm on Saturdays….grrrr….it’s open til 10pm Mon-Fri so I just assumed it would be the same hours tonight. Oh well. Last night’s 45 minute session of hatha yoga from was excellent, so I may repeat it. I’m going to be up late anyway due to screwing up my sleep schedule last night so I might as well make good use of my time. Should make for an interesting morning since I got an email from FH saying they may be home as early as 9am tomorrow…meaning I have to be awake and ready to go get him. At least I’ll probably get breakfast out of the deal. 🙂

After doing some chores this evening I treated myself. Eggies are my FAVORITE Easter treat!

And then while watching some TV I was feeling munchy, so rather than head for chips or popcorn I grabbed the last container of strawberries and canteloupe and topped it with a dolop of HEAVENLY Coconut Liberte yogurt. That stuff is TO.DIE.FOR. Amazing. (sorry no photo…I gobbled it up too fast!)

Tomorrow is a mystery since I haven’t a clue when FH will actually arrive, but I have lots to keep me busy…hopefully including a 3pm warm yoga class that I’m just dying to go to. Between our vacation and my bruised tailbone it’s been a month since I’ve been to class and I miss it!

Hola! We have returned! (hmmmmm….I sound awfully excited about that…but really wish we were still there….) Fun, sun, sand. Yep, could use some more of that. I’ll have to win the lottery and invent a teleporter. 🙂

I promise to get my photos uploaded in the next day or two and put up a proper full report on my other blog to tell you all about it. In short, Punta Cana was great and we totally loved our resort (thanks Lex!). We didn’t do much outside of the resort, but it was just what we needed. My plans for a bit of activity went straight out the window…hehe…but the eating was pretty decent (salad every day!) and the drinks weren’t tooooooo bad (coconut milk counts as a fruit right?). I tried to turn my brain off and not think too much about what I was taking in, but it’s ingrained in me and I just couldn’t help it all the time. Slightly frustrating when you are trying to have a mindless good time! 🙂

We had a long day getting home on Saturday and had decided to just stay in vacation mode for the remainder of the weekend. No cooking, no cleaning, no unpacking. Just chilling. We picked up pizza on the way home from the airport and loaded up on snacks for a cozy movie night. Chips, chocolates, candies oh my. Honestly, we ate worse for the last two days than we did the whole trip! It was actually great that the resort didn’t offer much in the way of treat-type snacks….I stuck totally to three meals a day and that was it. Of course, we totally made up for that when we got home. haha.

Back to the routine today though! Did a HUGE grocery shop yesterday afternoon…stocked up on lots of veggies, fruits, meats, breads, etc. No junk. FH has decided to get back on his diet now too (funny how being in a bathing suit for a week can kickstart your motivation…hehe) so it will be extra easy for me to get right back on the track I was riding before our vacay. Already went to the gym this morning….took it slightly easy, but was happy that I was able to just jump right back into my treadmill running without much difficulty. Tomorrow I’ll step it back up to my usual routine and intensity. I’m aiming to include yoga every day as well because I was quite enjoying that extra stretch.

Weight was only up 2.4 pounds when I weighed in this morning, so that’s a good sign. Hopefully that is mostly water (seriously didn’t drink anywhere near enough while we were gone) and maybe a few ounces of Cheetos stuck in there that I can work off easily with a few solid OP days. Last time I gained on vacation it didn’t fully show up until the following week so I’m hoping to head that off at the pass. I still have my great motivation that was so strong before I left and for that I am soooooo thankful.

So, back to work for me. 4766 emails I sorted through this morning and now it’s time to start dealing with the 100 that weren’t junk. Bloody spam. Thanks to all of my new followers that took on my challenge!! Welcome! I hope you all enjoyed my goofy “ghost-posts” while I was gone. I just couldn’t leave you hanging. 🙂

As I sit here drinking a second cup of coffee, after enjoying leftover chicken noodle soup, cheese, pickles and crackers…it occurs to me that maybe I should throw a bottle of water into the mix. The extreme cold weather the last few days, coupled with the heat being on full time lately, has really dried me out. My cuticles hurt. So I’m thinking caffeine and salt probably aren’t the answer. I am soooo smart. 😉

Yesterday was a bit of a bomb plan-wise. I got myself a “treat” of diet Orange Crush (thanks to Angie I’ve been craving this) and a bag of Swedish Berries. Mistakenly I brought the whole bag of candy up to my office while I finished my work day and oooooops at the whole thing. Gah. 500+ calories. Oh well. Shit happens right? At least I’d had a 500 cal workout in the morning.

So today will be a better day…although it’s Friday and I do like to have a treat on Friday. I guess I’ll have to tough it out…FH is still sickypants so at least he probably won’t want treats of any sort and I won’t get sucked in due to my lack of weekend willpower. I want to save my remaining flex points for whatever we decide to do tomorrow and/or Sunday. FH is leaving again for a month so we are planning some kind of date night…dinner out and maybe a movie or something. Definitely a few drinkypoos.

Breakfast was pretty much non-existant this morning due to getting up later than usual and then heading out for a doctor’s appointment. I ate an All Bran bar in the car. Not the best way to start out so I’m trying to make sure to get back on a proper timeline. Today is supposed to be a Shred day but FH is home so that’s sort of negated…I kinda want to try to get to the gym instead, but dammit I’m working!

Menu plan thus far:

– All Bran bar
– 2 x coffee with brown sugar & skim milk
– leftover chicken noodle soup
– 1 oz light cheddar, pickles, crackers, 2 tbsp hummus, carrots
– watermelon
– planning the roast beef sammiches for dinner (ended up doing ham & cheese last night)…i’m thinking with some beef au jus…a la beef dip!
– maybe some salad
– tea & chocolate zucchini bran muffin

(approx 24 points)