My hopes of getting to bed at a reasonable time last night were dashed a bit by my wonky sleep schedule.  After my yoga session I wound up watching the premiere of The Bachelorette.  I don’t know what it is with me and reality TV lately…I have rarely watched even an episode of any Bachelor or Bachelorettes, but I was right into this.  I found myself yelling at her to pick Juan during the rose ceremony.  What a dork I am!

While watching I had a little snacky-poo of Kashi crackers, carrots stix, and almond butter.  I might have gone back for a small second helping.


This morning I awoke on time to my alarm and actually managed to get up and get my butt to my desk for 9am.  Nice.  My eyes feel bleary but other than that I think I’m doing OK.

Breakfast was coffee and water to start.


Then I decided to pull out this box of Nature’s Path frozen waffles (Flax Plus with figs) I had purchased a while back.  It just seemed like a waffle kind of day!  Toasted up two of them, cut into quarters, drizzled with the teeniest bit of syrup, and served alongside some fresh berries and Liberte Svelt vanilla yogurt for dipping.  Deeeeelish!  With another coffee that I didn’t even finish…still craving the water instead.


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For lunch I wanted something simple so I made a turkey sammich.  Two slices of my favorite Sunflower Flax bread with light mayo, mustard, deli turkey, spinach and tomatoes.  Served with carrot stix.

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I am considering going to warm yoga after work, but after so much time off from any workouts I’m a little concerned that it might be too hard on my sissy little lungs.  Sometimes they really get us moving and I find my breathing labored.  A week back on the treadmill building my stamina might be best before I try the class again.  Either way, I’ll be out the door by 5:30pm for a workout of some sort!


mhmmmm….Sleeping on a lovely soft couch, riding in an airplane, working at a kitchen table, lack of exercise….not so good for my poor body. My back is complaining. I told Mom I’ll be seeing a hiding place somewhere around here to do some yoga. (She’s got foster kids so finding alone time isn’t always easy.)

Yesterday I did manage to get in a few stationary leg exercises….some squats, lunges, and burpies. Today I was stretching my back on the floor so added in some crunches, reverse crunches and a plank. Nothing compared to my recent workout routine, but better than skipping out altogether.

I did pack my running shoes and workout outfit, but thus far time has been at a premium. The only extra time I could so it is first thing in the morning, but honestly sleep is way more important. I’m going to do my best!!

  • my fresh haircut
  • the greenest, prettiest brussel sprouts ever
  • my kitty sleeping in a patch of sun
  • the tulips starting to bud in the garden
  • my awesome Greek salad
  • a walk around my neighborhood

These are just a few of the things I haven’t been able to post photos of because of my lost camera! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Yes, I’m on the hunt for a new one this weekend…I called the cab companies again and no luck so it’s time to suck it up. I’m looking for the Nikon Coolpix S230 if I can get my hands on one around here. It’s got that nifty touch screen…and if Ashton Kutcher likes it who am I to disagree?!

Conveniently I finally changed my address with the Canadian government (seriously thought I’d done that about a year ago…) and they’ve just deposited some back-owed GST rebate money into my bank account, so at least I’m not “really” paying full price for the camera. Found money!

This morning I got up early (and by early I mean almost on time for my proper start time of 9am), got some work done, then headed out to the hairdresser. Ahhhh….I love a fresh new haircut. Nothing special, just a cut…but it feels great! Got myself a Starbucks on the way home and enjoyed a few minutes checking out my front garden in the sun. I’ll be spending some time on my little patch of nature this weekend (rain permitting of course).

I then spent the rest of my afternoon tied to my computer, buried under a stack of paperwork. Boooooo. But before you all go on a tirade about what a horrible boss I must have….you can blame me. Remember my big paperwork project? Well, after sorting I sort of stopped. I cleaned everything up for Tiff’s visit, but I hadn’t actually entered any of the data into my computer or anything….and here we are on tax deadline day and I hadn’t done squat. Meh. I’m done now. I still need an accountant to review it, but I’ve filed and paid what I could figure out and I’ll get a professional to audit my last 4 years sometime over the Summer. (some bookkeeper I make eh? Can’t even do my own taxes properly!)

Activity: Walked around my neighborhood after dinner for a break in the paperwork. Only about 20 minutes, but totally refreshing. It’s very late, but I think a quick 20 minutes of hatha yoga is also appropriate this evening.

Eats are pretty good today, if I do say so myself…

– breaky on the go: chocolate soy milk drink box, Kashi granola bar
– venti Pike Place Blend coffee with raw sugar, cinnamon, and skim milk
– turkey melt: deli turkey on 7 grain bread w/ red onion, grainy dijon & light cheddar, toasted under the broiler and topped with tomato slices…served with carrot stix
– grapes
– banana stuffed with White Chocolate Wonderful PB
– Greek salad with lotsa light feta (so salty!), leftover 1/2 grilled chicken breast, 1 serving Food Should Taste Good multigrain chips
– dried fruit (apricots, cherries, yogurt cranberries)
Liberte Mediterranne blackberry yogurt with the last bit of dust from the Kashi Crunch box

I’m feeling the need to be overly descriptive since I’m not providing photos!

So what I should do is just copy and paste Lynn’s post because she basically said it all! Even our pictures are all almost exactly the same. Thanks to our new friend Jen for taking on the position of group photographer for most of the day. (We should have taken a pic of her holding 6 bloody cameras at every photo op!)

I gave myself a 6:15am wake-up call. You all know that I am NOT a morning person, but I was so excited I popped right out of bed when my alarm went off. I had packed the night before, so really I just had to wash my face, brush my teeth and get dressed. I ran downstairs to throw breakfast together and assembled my egg salad sandwich. I was out the door before 7am. (I know, it must be a full moon or something right?) Stopped for those two large coffees I showed you in yesterday’s post and headed off to Lesley’s place to meet up with the gals. Lynn and Heather were already there, and when Angie and her friends Brooke, Sarah and Jen arrived we were off! Lesley offered to drive me, Heather and Lynn, so I had a leisurely time in the car to just chat and sip that second coffee. 🙂

We arrived at the Cape Split Hiking Trail around 9:30 and didn’t waste too much time getting started. 8km in, 8km out. Two more of Angie’s friends met us at the parking area, Lena and another Angie. It was muddier than we had hoped at the start and we spent a lot of time dodging mud bogs and taking side-routes just off the trail, but that just added to the adventure. We’d heard that there was about a 1/2 km stretch that is straight uphill, and while we did find the area it was more of a gradual incline so really no problem at all. I was super impressed with my stamina. I really didn’t ever get out of breath or sore at all. Near the end of the day, my hip joints started to ache…but that happens on level ground after a couple of hours so it had nothing to do with the hike. Apparently all of my hard work at the gym is paying off!!

When we reached the summit just after 11:30 we were all so in awe. We couldn’t have had a more gorgeous day!! The point is a nice grassy area with a vista view of ocean as far as the eye can see. We enjoyed our tasty lunches and the sun on our faces and fooled around taking photos and just enjoying the scenery.

By about 12:30 we figured we’d better start heading back. A little more tired and wishing for the end after about 6 more km but it was a great time. Knowing we were getting to the cars for a change of footwear made us less concerned about mud! By 2:30 we were soaking up the sun by the cars and comparing stories of wet and dirty feet. 🙂

We stopped for a much needed and well deserved pub lunch and then for coffee before making the drive back to town. What a day! Girls, I’m so glad we did it! Fantastic time! 🙂

I’ve planned our dinners for the week, and put some thought into lunches and as such came up with a grocery list for today. Mainly just a stock up on some fresh ingredients and few final pieces for the dinner plans.

Friday night is another night out to celebrate FH’s birthday. His actual bday isn’t until the 6th, but this is our only opportunity for a night out. Not sure the full plans yet, but I’m sure there will be fun, food and drink. 😉

I am sticking with mainly the same activity plan as last week, and since my tailbone is almost fully mended I shouldn’t have too much difficulty. I was sad to miss warm yoga again yesterday and am crossing all of my fingers and toes that I can go this Sunday. Oh please, please!

Activity (copy and pasted from last week):

– Mon, Wed, Fri: 45 minutes gym cardio (running when possible, but otherwise incline walks and resistant elliptical work)
– Tues, Thurs: 25 minutes gym cardio, strength training (Tues upper body, Thurs lower body)
– Sat: 60 minutes gym cardio, strength training (full body)
– Sun: warm yoga or long walk or light gym cardio (pain and weather dependant)

*add a daily yoga session when tailbone allows

And for your viewing pleasure….today’s lunch:

(I couldn’t get the wrap to stay closed for the photo, but there’s yummy chicken salad under that spinach!)

I see blue skies outside! It was -5 this morning, but it’s apparently going to be +8 this afternoon, so maybe it’s finally time for a neighborhood walk. I suppose I should quit surfing the internet and get some work done so I can take advantage of that sun in the sky. 🙂

Yesterday was an activity bust. Not one damn thing. See, this is what happens when I stray from the routine of driving FH to work…I try to finagle my schedule to do my exercise at a different time of day and then end up not being able to fit it in. Work ran way late last night, so by the time we ate it was too late for a trip to the gym. And since yoga is still out of the question (boooooo) I didn’t do anything. Gah.

Up and at it early today though to take FH to work….so a workout has already been done. I added another 4 minutes running time to my treadmill routine today and I think I’ve confirmed that running for sure does not bother my tender tailbone. Nice. A positive side-effect of being careful this week is that I’ve realized that I’ve maybe been running too fast for my skill level. I’ve dialed it down to 5mph (as opposed to 5.4) and I don’t feel strained while running at all. I think slow and steady may be the answer I’ve been looking for…I’ll keep playing around with it. I added 15 minutes of elliptical time to the session as well, just for a bit of extra calorie burn and a slight bum workout since my usual glute exercises are on the backburner for now.

Ab exercises are my concern now though. Definitely still can NOT do my favorite reverse crunches or v-situps….I tried just one and the tender pain just about made me yelp out loud. So I did three sets of boring, regular crunches but those are not enough to work on my whole core so I’ve been doing some online research. I’ll post later about what I’ve found that I think will be great (again, positive side effect of my tailbone injury is that I’ll be finding new and fabulous things to try). I did do a few planks, but even those hurt because of the flexing. It is getting better though.

I tried something different for breakfast today. I made a little egg white omelette in the microwave and it was fantastic. Mixed 1/4 cup egg whites, splash of milk, 1 tbsp Ready Crisp bacon bits, smidge of finely grated light cheddar, s&p, sprinkle of dill, and a bit of green onion in a ramekin coated with non-stick spray. Nuked for about 1 min 20 sec. Topped with salsa and served with toast.

Today’s eats…

– coffee
– egg white microwave omelette, sunflower flax toast w/ Olivina
– 1/2 apple
– leftover Caesar salad w/ leftover mini Turkey & Black Bean burger patty
– banana
– spaghetti & meat sauce (leftover from FH’s lasagna), steamed brocolli & cauliflower
– ff yogurt & strawberries
– tea (maybe banana muffin)

Since I’ve hurt my bum-bone I had to rethink the weekly goals I had already decided on for this week….well, one of them anyway….

1) Activity every day (this was yoga every day but my tailbone disagreed)
2) Menu plan every day in advance
3) Water (3 litres per day)


Mon, Wed, Fri: 45 minutes gym cardio (running when possible, but otherwise incline walks and resistant elliptical work)
Tues, Thurs: 25 minutes gym cardio, strength training (Tues upper body, Thurs lower body)
Sat: 60 minutes gym cardio, strength training (full body)
Sun: warm yoga or long walk or light gym cardio (pain and weather dependant)

*add a daily yoga session when tailbone allows


I’m adhering to a strict eating plan: coffee, breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. Dinners all planned in advance…

Mon: chicken stirfry
Tues: leftover pork loin chop, spinach salad (FH working overnight)
Wed: turkey & black bean burgers, salad
Thurs: spaghetti & meat sauce (leftover from FH’s lasagna), steamed veggies
Fri: chicken quesadillas, salad
Sat: Girl’s Night Out (stagette)
Sun: TBD (shopping day)