I can’t hear what she’s saying but I wonder if she knows that yelling at him over the sound of their lawnmower makes her voice carry up to our window?  It’s pretty obvious she’s annoyed at him about something!

Ahhhhh suburbia.  Don’tcha just love being only 8 feet away from your neighbors?  🙂

So, mid-afternoon the munchies hit…as always when I sit at my desk all day…so I decided to put some of the fresh berries to use.  In the bowl: sliced fresh strawberries, fresh raspberries (perfectly ripe!), the leftover bit of Liberte vanilla yogurt, and half of a crumbled up oatmeal chocolate chip bar.  (OK, you caught me, I ate the other half!)


After work I discovered FH snoozing on the couch so I took that as a sign that he wasn’t waiting around for dinner and used the opportunity to do a session from yogadownload.comDetox Yoga #1.  I thought I had done it before, but during the practice I didn’t recognize it so I guess it was one of the ones I downloaded and never got around to.  I quite enjoyed it, except I’m still terrible at Warrior 3.  I’m trying though!

When I finished FH was awake so I put him to work grilling up some steaks.  He’s in charge of steaks.  :)  Such a guy thing!  I don’t know what he seasons them with, but he always makes them super tasty.  (Veggie-heads close your eyes…red meat photos coming your way!)

To go with the meat I boiled up some more corn on the cob, and prepped a zucchini for grilling.  Easiest meal I’ve made in ages!


Cute little tenderloins…mine was only about 4oz…just perfect pour moi!


A la Amy, I topped my zucchini with herby goat cheese (insert drooling here).  And of course rubbed some real butter on my corn because margarine just doesn’t fly in this situation.  🙂

See, he grills the perfect medium-rarish steak!  (I like it soft and pink, but not running juice).


The sun came out again this afternoon and made for a lovely evening so we went for another walk around the neighborhood.  It’s not a big area but there are lots of different routes to walk so I’m happy FH is interested in going with me!  Afterwards I watered my lawn and checked on my little garden.  It’s coming along great!!  The new grass is starting to sprout…I’m very please with myself!

And now a movie with the mister.  He brought me a little treat from the movie store and I’ll happily enjoy a few of these:

027   Cuz when the sugar crash comes, it’ll be bedtime anyway!


Do you know what happens when I am tired, do a morning workout, and only have one cup of coffee?  Afternoon crash, that’s what.  I did predict a dragging of the feet, but holy man…I just about nodded off at my desk!

I tried to be healthy and fill the void with 1/2 an apple with some crunchy organic peanut butter, but it didn’t work.


Around 3:30 I decided maybe sugar would help, so I drank up the second half of my Sugar Tahiti Treat leftover from yesterday.  Along with this I had a handful of honey roasted cashews and some chocolate macaroons.

 024 025     

Felt great for about half an hour, but then the drive to get FH zoned me out again.  THIS is why I don’t really drink sugary sodas anymore…the CRASH.

Not enough coffee + too much sugar = exhausted me

Thankfully, dinner was easy leftovers of last night’s awesome pizza.  I heated it in the oven because microwaving it would have been gross.  We added some sautĂ©ed mushrooms on top this time just for fun, and served it with a huge, fresh salad.


In the salad bowl: romaine & radicchio, broccoli, cauliflower, orange pepper, tomatoes, red onion, and Renee’s Spring Herb Italian dressing.


After dinner FH suggested a walk, so we took a 15 minute stroll around the neighborhood.  Lovely.  Clear skies, but quite chilly!

For dessert I made up a bowl with the last of my Liberte coconut yogurt, one of my banana coconut muffins broken up, and three fresh strawberries chopped up and stirred in.  It’s like healthy trifle!


I’ve prepped more strawberries from the HUGE box I bought today, plus made a Greek-ish salad for lunch tomorrow, and cut up some more veggie sticks for whenever I need them.  We have a whole lotta produce in the fridge right now and I find it gets used up more quickly if it’s prepped and ready to go.

Now I think a sit on the couch is in order.  I’m pooooopered.


With a little help from Eat Live Run and Rachel Ray, we had a FANTASTIC pizza dinner.

I started by making a batch of Jenna’s “best” pizza dough. This recipe has been making the rounds of the blogosphere lately, and now I know why. *shout out to Jenna*

My Kitchen Aide mixer came down off the shelf for the occasion! This dough was incredibly easy to make and took no time at all. (I spent more time washing the dust off the mixer than I did making the dough!). We let it rise while we were out at the park.

When we got home, I split the dough into two balls. Froze one for later, and rolled the other out to fit a cookie sheet. Following this recipe that I had torn out of a RR magazine ages ago I put together the toppings quickly and easily.


Click the photo to read the recipe. I can’t find it on the RR website.

I kept checking on it because I was so worried my first pizza wouldn’t turn out. But it turned out exactly as shown in the picture! And tasted great too!! FH said “flavorful and delicious”. 🙂 The crust was thin with crispy edges and a chewy bottom. The three cheeses made it creamy and gooey. And the asparagus and prosciutto added enough natural flavor that no extra herbs or spices were needed. Deeeeeeelish.


I ate three of the twelve pieces. 🙂 I love square pizza pieces.

I am thinking “pizza Sunday” may have to be instituted around here.

Q: How can you tell FH is home?

A: Every dinner includes MEAT! 🙂

As per usual, I totally winged it for the burger recipe. Often I like to use a Rachel Ray recipe for something different and fun…or at least for inspiration (that’s where my awesome turkey burgers came from!), but last night I just wanted some good old regular bbq’d burgers so I kept it simple.

In the mix:

1 lb lean ground beef

handful bread crumbs (mine were a bit stale, so I toasted them on a baking sheet in the oven…did the trick!)

1 egg

1 tiny onion, diced

1 large garlic clove, minced

Worchestershire sauce, Tobasco sauce, garlic powder, seasoning salt, Montreal steak spice (all to taste)

Remove your rings and get your hands in there! Mix until just combined, then form into patties. I made four…two for dinner, two for the freezer.

While FH cooked those up on the grill, I boiled up a couple of corn on the cob and set the table. I ended up deciding not to have a bun for my burger so I could enjoy some PC Organic potato chips instead. FH had a cheese slice, but I like bbq sauce on my burger patty.

On the plate I topped it with mustard and ketchup, and put my veggies on the side. For the corn I pulled out the real butter because margarine just isn’t the same!!

After dinner, FH had a nap and I actually took the time to do my hair…haha…for the first time this week. (I mean I actually blew it out straight instead of just going with the “natural” curly look…which actually requires a lot of product.) Then we headed to the theatre for Angels & Demons.

Three years ago, the first movie we saw as a “date” was Da Vinci Code so we wanted to see the sequel for old time’s sake. When we got there, the theatre was packed…but we knew there was another showing in another theatre about 15 minutes later so we went and found that one instead. Much more seating!

As if I hadn’t already had enough treats for the day, I wanted popcorn too! I went to the concession thinking about a big bucket, but in the end opted for the Kid’s Pack. What a great idea! I got the tiny Diet Coke that I like, and just enough popcorn for me. FH would rather have chocolate than popcorn, so he got the Kit Kat. Good deal all around!

IMG_0785 IMG_0783 IMG_0782

The movie was pretty good. It isn’t getting great reviews but we enjoyed it. 🙂 What’s the best movie you’ve seen at the theatre lately? Mine is Wolverine…but I haven’t seen Star Trek yet.

Today is an excellent example of my new motto…and my new blog name (in case you hadn’t noticed!).  Embracing Balance.  It may have started out with dessert for breakfast, but I’m living proof that if you take the treats and balance them out with a nutritious meal or two life will go on.  🙂

Somewhere along the way I changed from "weight watcher" (100 calorie snack pack, anyone?) to "responsible eater".  I have no desire to deprive myself of anything…so instead of spending my days worrying or under eating or counting "points" or taking the fun out of life, I have learned to plan ahead, think positively, make great choices, and enjoy the treats as they come.

Enter lunch…


What you see there is my leftover half sammich from last night’s impromptu dinner out.  I took the yucky old lettuce & tomato (it wasn’t even red!) out and put the ciabatta & chicken on the Griddler for a nice crunchy reheat.  I then added my own fresh spinach and tomato.  It was like a whole new sammich!!

Served with a big side of tossed salad mixed with some chickpeas and Goddess Dressing.


FH has a weird schedule today so I had to drive him to work for about 3:30 (he’s got some sort of training in the ops room simulator and it was only available in the evening) which messed a little with my work day, but actually worked out well for errands and gym time.  Because of the sleep in this morning I thought I might not get my workout but I did!

Treadmill:  3 minute warmup, 17 minute run, 5 minute cooldown

(This was a tough one…I think because I am starting to get used to morning workouts again already.)

Upper Body:  higher weight, fewer reps today (2 sets of 12)

– tricep pulldowns (17.5lbs)

– bicep curls (30 lbs)

– military presses (30lbs)

Lower Body:  (2 sets of 12)

– squats on upsidedown bosu (holding 10lb dumbbell)

– stationary lunges (2 sets each side) (holding 2x 10lb dumbbell)


– 15 v-situps  (3 months after my tailbone injury I can finally do these again!)

– 15 regular crunches

– 15 reverse crunches

– 3 x 15 sec planks (one right after the other)

My lower back has been really bugging me since the chiropractor on Tuesday.  I think I waited too long to go after my trip (airplanes really do me in…sitting too long) and so the extra hard adjustment has made everything really tender.  Note to self…yoga tomorrow.

And then here we have dinner.  More salad and a smattering of "clean out the fridge".  I got fresh groceries today so wanted to clear out anything on it’s last legs.  Thus we have…


The last of the chicken & bean mix (with extra beans and salsa)…the last of the lemon dill hummus…the last few carrot sticks…the rest of the salad from lunch (mixed with the last handful of baby spinach…all served up with Mary’s Crackers for scooping.  Definitely fiberific!! 


So there you have it…a recovery from the cookie breakfastEmbrace Balance people!  🙂

I’m off my game as far as meal planning goes this week.  Usually I at least have ideas in mind but since FH came home I haven’t done a proper grocery shop or put any advanced thought into dinners.  When I realized this afternoon that we had no meat ready to eat I pulled some lean ground beef out to thaw, but come dinner time it was still frozen solid.  I decided this would be the perfect time for a Tuna Noodle Casserole (a la Mrs Furious) but when I announced it to FH he said “I’ll pass”.  *gasp*  What?

He doesn’t eat fish, but he loves tuna sammiches.  Turns out that is the only way he likes tuna.  Who knew?!  Three years and I just learned this!

It all worked out because he took me out for a casual supper instead!  I guess he saw the shocked look on my face when he announced his dislike of my idea…so offered to head out to eat.  🙂

We chose Boston Pizza because it’s quick and close to home.

Started with the ridiculously unhealthy three cheese garlic toast.  This should also be referred to as “crack toast”. 


I spent quite a while trying to decide on something for my meal because it’s really not a very inspiring menu.  I usually get the spinach salad, but it is kind of boring.  Instead I opted for the chicken ciabatta sammich with a side Caesar salad.


This ended up being a good idea because I was able to bring half of it home for tomorrow.  It filled me up for the entire evening of movie watching and I didn’t feel any need for a snack

We just watched the movie Taken…it was really good!

So…I’m on a conference call for work right now…however I am just a “listening participant” so we’ll see if I can blog at the same time!

The hunger continues…so I will admit to snack-snack-snacking my way through the day.  I know this is dumb because it won’t make me feel better, but it was sure fun!

After lunch FH called for an early ride home, so I munched a Kashi bar in the car (no photo…too busy eating and driving!).

On the way home, we stopped at Planet Organic so I could pick up some coconut Liberte yogurt (they seem to be the only place that sells that flavor) and I was going to stock up on yummy Larabars…but yet AGAIN they are sold out of Coconut Cream Pie…and after only one week they are sold out of Peanut Butter Cookie already too! 

Dear Lara,

Please make Coconut and PB more readily available.

Much Love,

Larabar Lovers of Eastern Canada

Instead I picked up a couple of Kind bars.  I’ve been seeing them around the blogosphere lately and was excited to see them available here.

Of course I had to dive into one as soon as I got home!  Almond & Coconut.  It was very tasty, however…does anyone know if these are supposed to be hard?  I expected it to be chewy or at least soft…but it was really hard and overly crunchy.  Hard on my teeth!


Oh…and more Starbucks today!  They got my Iced Coffee with Non-Fat Milk correct this time!  Yummmm.


And now an actual meal!  A variation on chicken taco salad.  I mixed up a batch of the filling we use in our Baked Chicken Rollups (chicken breast, navy beans, light cheddar, salsa, & seasoning) and served it atop a tossed salad.  I used organic tortilla chips to scoop mine up…FH crushed his chips right in.  Deeeeeeeeeelish.


And now while I blog I’m drinking some decaf tea while I listen to my call…so far so good!