Oh boy. How are any of us standing today?! 🙂

Last week I shot out a message to Angie and Lynn suggesting a girl’s night in since they were both having stressful weeks and it would be our chance to chat about the upcoming Blog Girls Toronto Get Together and to just unwind.

So last night the three of us got together with FOUR bottles of wine (one in the form of white sangria) and some healthy eats and treats.


Before long we were chatting up a storm and didn’t stop until somewhere after 3am! Had the girls not had to get up for previous engagements this morning, I’m pretty sure we might have pulled an all-nighter. As it was, poor Lynn had to be out the door around 8am and Angie followed by 9am. (I won’t mention that I slept until 10:30…ooops, just did! Sorry ladies!)

As with any gathering of food obsessed girls bloggers, the evening centered around the kitchen table. Lots of food, but all healthy and yummy! We all agreed to skip dinner so we could enjoy our snackfest and wine.


I made spinach dip with fresh veggies and organic corn tortilla chips and a fruit plate with a yogurt/PB2 dip (in honor of Angie and her devotion to PB2). I also made a white sangria which totally hit the spot on such a gloriously warm evening.

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Lynn brought the fabulous cheeses and baguette. The whole wheat baguette was perfectly soft and lovely for spreading the soft cheese. Peppered brie. I think I ate half of it by myself! Plus herbed gouda, which had a sprinkling of caraway. Deeeelish.

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Angie arrived with a grab bag of all kinds of things. Fresh organic strawberries and raspberries. OMG…so much better than the non-organics that are available right now. Two kinds of hummus. Maui-Wowie Skinny Sticks. My first try of these and they were awesome. She also brought dessert…Green & Black’s organic chocolate in Mayan Gold…dark chocolate with spiced orange. Soooo yummy with our wine!

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And in true blogger girl fashion, we each contributed a Larabar to the table. The ever popular Coconut Cream from me, the recently returned to the market Peanut Butter Cookie from Lynn, and a Pecan Pie from Angie. Tonight, the PB took the prize since none of us had ever had it. Creamy deliciousness!


We chatted, drank, laughed, drank, giggled, and drank our way through the evening. Just as a girl’s night should be. Thanks for coming over ladies!!



I mentioned RiceWorks Gourmet Brown Rice Crisps in a post earlier this week. They were kryponite then, and they were kryptonite today. Ha. I should have known not to buy more! bwahahaha. But after watching the cute commercials on their UK partner website, I just had to try more flavors. Let me tell you that the Baked Cinnamon are PURE EVIL in a bag. Not exactly fair considering their slogan: Give in to Good.

Riceworks are my new fave treat.

I’m not even going to spend any time telling you about them. I am only going to demand that you pick up a bag the next time you are in the cracker aisle at your fave grocery store. If you like chips like I like chips, then I bet that you love these too. Just don’t sit down with a bag like I have…cuz then you won’t have any left for sharing!

While looking at the different snack mixes and trail mixes at Bulk Barn, I couldn’t find anything that truly struck my fancy. They all either had something I didn’t want in them, or were too heavy on nuts or dried fruit. I soon realized that I could just design my own. 🙂 When picking things out I was actually planning for additions to an oat bar recipe so that’s where this particular inspiration came from.

I mixed:

2 tbsp roasted unsalted pumpkin seeds
2 tbsp roasted unsalted sunflower seeds
2 tbsp walnut pieces
2 tbsp sultana raisins
1 tbsp shredded unsweetened coconut
1 tsp flax seeds
1 tsp hemp seeds
2 tbsp mini peanut butter chips

Extras I have on hand to add as wanted:

dried cherries
crystalized ginger
whole almonds

That was my eating yesterday…random.

as planned:
– coffee – check
– toast w/ PB2 – check
– banana – check
– chicken & avocado wrap – check
– granola bar – check
– yogurt & berries – check

– 3 oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies – doh
– cottage cheese – fine
– Cadbury Thin – doh
– no dinner – doh
– cereal @ 11pm because of no dinner – doh

I guess in the end it was fine points-wise, but just a mish-mosh of crap (over by about 6 points I think…but I didn’t plan in any APs). My first mistake was thinking that one piece of toast was enough to start my morning on the right foot. Lack of sleep plus early morning workout = need bigger breakfast. Lesson learned. After that I was just nibbly and hungry all day, then our plans changed right at dinner time and I didn’t want the pot pie because I’d eaten those cookies and didn’t have time to deal with anything else so left for the hairdresser without eating. Which of course led to me being starving when I got home. Poor planning! Well, actually, good planning / poor execution!

Anyway, today will be better. 🙂

I took the day off from the gym today. I got a good sleep last night but it was only about 4 1/2 hours (thanks FH for coming home at 1am and keeping me awake) so it wasn’t enough. I still got up early to drive FH to work, but I chose not to workout. I took myself to Starbucks instead, and will be doing yoga before I make lunch. I think a Power Flow #3 is in order….maybe a Hatha #1 too.

Tonight we are having FH’s uncle and some of his friends over for dinner (he’s a truck driver and they are all in town for a day or two). FH wants to BBQ….I think he meant on the Griddler….so I’m assuming steaks are on the menu, and I’ll probably just grab some bagged Ceasar salad and roast up some spuds. I’m going to load up on veggies and fruit during the day so as to not throw my menu too far off track. I’m sure the boys will be into the beers, but I’ll be staying away as I’m not much of a weeknight drinker and definitely have no interest in beer these days (in the Summer I enjoy a tasty beer but in Winter I can’t be bothered).

Today the plan such as I see it….

– Starbucks double tall non-fat vanilla latte
– evil Starbucks apple cinnamon bun
– more coffeeeeeee w/ demerara & skim
– cold deli roast chicken, steamed brocolli
– grapes & light cheddar
– carrot sticks & lemon dill hummus if hungry waiting for dinner
– tiniest steak I can get my hands on (FH tends to buy them big!), spud w/ light sour cream, scoop of Caesar salad
– non-fat yogurt later if snacky

It occurs to me that I’ve been really slacking on my food product reviews. I have actually tried a lot of fun new stuff over the last couple of months, but have failed miserably in reporting about any of it to all of you. I will try to be better!

My current find is Mr. Krispers Baked Rice Krisps. I picked them up last week at Planet Organic mostly because I was lured in by the giant sale display near the store entrance. Any reasonable substitute for a greasy potato chip generally catches my interest and since these come in a number of chip-type flavors I thought I’d give them a go. To start, I opted for the simple Salt & Black Pepper flavor. I figure if I like them, I’ll try one of the other more exciting flavors next time.

As the name implies, these are baked crackers made from rice…they go out of their way to mention brown rice specifically but if you read the ingredients there’s a combo of white rice and a bit of corn in there too. All healthy ingredients though. They are thin, crispy and light. For 90 calories you can have 25 of these little treats and since they are about the size of a twoonie it’s a reasonable portion. Even though they are light, they are sturdy enough to hold up to a swish through some hummus and the s&p flavor is nice and strong enough to still taste even with the garlicy dip.

I’d certainly pick them up again as a snack to keep in the cupboard for one of those days where I’m craving something crunchy. More like a cracker than a chip, but isn’t that true of most healthier crunchy options? I think I’d like to try the Sour Cream & Onion flavor for a more chip-like experience.

The only thing I really didn’t love was the price…$3 per bag on sale…for approx 100 gram bag.

While running errands last night I decided to stop by Costco since I have a gift card left from Christmas. I was hoping for maybe a new electric kettle or some living room lamps, but of course ended up wandering through the groceries and books for the most part. I was determined not to spend the GC on food, but ended up finding a couple of things I normally wouldn’t pick up so decided that it was just the way it was going to be. 🙂

First thing I found was a huge-ass bag of cereal. Organic Daybreak by Nutritious Living. This particular product doesn’t seem to be on their website, so I’ll quote the bag for you….

“Delightful fusion of organic grains and honey…. High Fibre, Low Fat, Low Sodium.

Wake up and enjoy the wonderful taste of slightly sweetened organic grains. Our crunchy blend of honey-coated puffed whole grains, crispy rice, rolled oats and fibre sticks provides nourishment and a source of energy to help start your day.”

Per 1 cup serving (40g)
– 130 calories
– 1.5g fat
– 0 cholesterol
– 80g sodium
– 31g carbs
– 7g fibre
– 10g sugar
– 3g protein

It is a 1kg bag for about $8, which is considerably better than the price of Kashi Crunch lately so I thought I’d give it a go. I’ll be hard pressed to find anything I like better than Kashi Crunch but because of the price I haven’t been buying it lately. I had a bowl of this when I got up late this morning…with 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze and it was very tasty. Light and fluffy but still a bit of crunch and a nice sweetness. Not sure about the holding power just yet, but so far so good. I’m looking forward to having it a few times during the week.

Because Cat asked! Dare Bear Paws

They are a cookie that is shaped like a Bear Paw! And you should check out their website just because it’s got a fun song…so cute!!

I once got a sample of the chocolate chip variety in the mail. They are soft and chewy and yummy. So when I saw them on sale with the back-to-school treats at the grocery store I couldn’t resist. I got the Brownie flavor and the Banana Bread flavor.

They are wrapped in little packs of 2 pretty decent sized cookies….I’m hard pressed to actually call them a cookie though because they are soft…more like a brownie or even a muffin top. Most varieties are around 210ish cals per pack, so they wind up being like 4 points…but with a coffee, tea or glass of milk they are a yummy afternoon or evening treatie.