I can’t hear what she’s saying but I wonder if she knows that yelling at him over the sound of their lawnmower makes her voice carry up to our window?  It’s pretty obvious she’s annoyed at him about something!

Ahhhhh suburbia.  Don’tcha just love being only 8 feet away from your neighbors?  🙂

So, mid-afternoon the munchies hit…as always when I sit at my desk all day…so I decided to put some of the fresh berries to use.  In the bowl: sliced fresh strawberries, fresh raspberries (perfectly ripe!), the leftover bit of Liberte vanilla yogurt, and half of a crumbled up oatmeal chocolate chip bar.  (OK, you caught me, I ate the other half!)


After work I discovered FH snoozing on the couch so I took that as a sign that he wasn’t waiting around for dinner and used the opportunity to do a session from yogadownload.comDetox Yoga #1.  I thought I had done it before, but during the practice I didn’t recognize it so I guess it was one of the ones I downloaded and never got around to.  I quite enjoyed it, except I’m still terrible at Warrior 3.  I’m trying though!

When I finished FH was awake so I put him to work grilling up some steaks.  He’s in charge of steaks.  :)  Such a guy thing!  I don’t know what he seasons them with, but he always makes them super tasty.  (Veggie-heads close your eyes…red meat photos coming your way!)

To go with the meat I boiled up some more corn on the cob, and prepped a zucchini for grilling.  Easiest meal I’ve made in ages!


Cute little tenderloins…mine was only about 4oz…just perfect pour moi!


A la Amy, I topped my zucchini with herby goat cheese (insert drooling here).  And of course rubbed some real butter on my corn because margarine just doesn’t fly in this situation.  🙂

See, he grills the perfect medium-rarish steak!  (I like it soft and pink, but not running juice).


The sun came out again this afternoon and made for a lovely evening so we went for another walk around the neighborhood.  It’s not a big area but there are lots of different routes to walk so I’m happy FH is interested in going with me!  Afterwards I watered my lawn and checked on my little garden.  It’s coming along great!!  The new grass is starting to sprout…I’m very please with myself!

And now a movie with the mister.  He brought me a little treat from the movie store and I’ll happily enjoy a few of these:

027   Cuz when the sugar crash comes, it’ll be bedtime anyway!


How often do you cull your blogroll?  Do you have strict policies about who you put on your blogroll?  Or how regularly they need to be posting to stay on the roll?

This week I’ve made a few new additions (hello Jenna, Bec, and Zesty!) but in the interest of not letting the list get crazy long I had to delete a few peeps too.  Sorry folks, but if you haven’t posted in more than 4 weeks I won’t be keepin’ ya around.  There’s just toooo many awesome daily reads to keep me busy!

One of these days I’m going to move to WordPress, where it’s easier to make individual pages and maybe I’ll have a snazzy button to a blogroll instead of a longass list.  🙂

Friday’s eats thus far…

A little mid-morning snack of dried banana chips.  Wisely I just took a handful and walked away.  I’m addicted and would easily eat the entire bag.


Lunch was a protein-plate of sorts.  A mini-platter of deli turkey, mini dill pickles, light cheddar, cucumber slices, Grissol baguette crackers, and Mary’s crackers


With a side dish of the last of the navy beans mixed with salsa and heated.  This is a super simple, tasty way to get some extra protein and healthy vitamins.

 014 015   

I’m feeling really sluggish and craving sugar like you wouldn’t believe today.  Must be Friday!!  FH has the car, so no gym trip for me.  Instead I had a little afternoon snackypoo of trail mix with added dried fruits & a few milk chocolate chips.


Decided to have a small can of pineapple juice along with it.

Eventually I gave in and went in for my leftover half cookie from yesterday.  I warmed it for 5 seconds in the microwave.  Goooooey and deeeeeelish.  I should’ve just eaten it first instead of trying to pretend trail mix was going to do the trick.  hehe.


Tonight we are grilling burgers.  Good thing FH is tough because the stoooopid weather isn’t cooperating and it looks like he’ll be BBQing in the rain.  Boooooooo.

Look at this! 

014 015    

When I went to set up the coffee pot last night the button for the basket thingy was stuck so I gave it a little tug and a piece of plastic went flying off.  A very important piece of plastic!  Snapped right off.  Boooo.  It’s the little catch that keeps the basket closed for brewing.

I’ll be on the hunt for Crazy Glue tomorrow because it should be easy to fix (I hope!).  Until then I’m buying my coffee.

Needless to say, after the gym this morning I got a Venti coffee from S’Bux, but brought it home to enjoy as two servings in my fabulous new Empire State Building mug.  Sweeeet.  The coffee mug collection was screaming for something new! C’est tres cool, no?


It must be the whole early morning workout thing that is causing this crazy hungry feeling because it still hasn’t gone away, but my tummy is feeling totally normal today.  I tried a more filling breakfast today, but it still didn’t really do the trick.


In the bowl:  a small vanilla yogurt I grabbed at Starbucks, raw oats, strawberries, 1/2 banana, chopped almonds, and a sprinkle of mini chocolate chips (genius idea!)


I was back an hour later for my second coffee and a couple of tiny baguette pieces topped with light herby cream cheese and chopped walnuts.

021 022    

Then lunch:  1/2 leftover sausage dog from last night…today with some melted light cheddar & mustard.  Served with a bigass tossed salad to which I added 1/2 cup chickpeas for extra fibre and protein (was hoping it would help squash this hungry issue).


Lunchtime dessert:  a individual pack of Late July peanut butter sammich crackers…yummy in my tummy…but still not full!



Today shouldn’t have been a normal workout day but due to FH’s weird course schedule and lack of road-ready vehicle at the moment, I went today instead of tomorrow.  So I changed things up a bit so as to not strain myself.

Treadmill: 20 minute incline walk…starting at 3mph, working up to 4mph, then back down again.  Varying inclines between 5-10%.  3 minute cooldown without incline.

Lower Body:  2 sets of 15

– stationary lunges with 2 x 8lb dumbbells

– squats on upsidedown bosu

– hamstring curls on the ball

– 1 full set of Eurydice’s bum exercises

Core:  took it easy today as my back was still feeling yesterday’s workout

– 2 x side plank (1 minute each side)

Morning all!  Sorry for the lack of post last night.  FH rented us a movie and I managed to doze off part of the way into it.  I guess that 7am wake-up call got me!  Of course, then when we went to bed neither of us could sleep. 

I was constantly feeling hungry yesterday.  Not boredom hungry, but that actually empty, hungry feeling you get at the back of your throat.  Does everyone get that, or is it just me?  So weird.  Even a short time after eating something, that feeling would return.  Maybe I have a little bug or something because my tummy wasn’t too happy last night either.  I blame the cheese plate on Sunday night!

Speaking of filling my face yesterday…

About an hour after lunch that hungry feeling came back so I had my afternoon snack.  I chose a Clif bar because I thought it would be more filling and satisfying.  Oatmeal Raisin Walnut…kinda like a really gooey cookie.  Yummm.  And a big glass of Santa Cruz Organic Lemon Ice Tea.

028024 027       

I was hungry-ish AGAIN an hour later but forced myself to wait until dinner because I knew there was no way I was actually hungry.  (and before you ask, I was drinking water and it made it worse!)

For dinner we had a simple Summery meal.  I grilled up a couple of those awesome sundried tomato lean turkey sausages on the Griddler (we were gonna BBQ them but the weather got a little ugly at dinner time) and we ate em like hot dogs on toasty buns.  Served with tossed salad and some PC Organic potato chips.


Topped my dog with some light mayo, mustard, diced onion (good idea honey!) and a sprinkle of fresh parmesan.  Tasty!


During the movie I decided I should have a little snack (after I woke up from my impromptu nap!) so I wouldn’t have that hungry feeling when I went to bed.  My tummy was being overly sensitive so I opted for half of an apple with White Chocolate Wonderful and a little serving of trail mix.  It hit the spot OK, but there’s still something up with my poor tummy!


Mr. Stoopy came along for a little cuddle and photo opportunity!  He likes to maintain regular visibility on the blog!  🙂


Ha!  What a good way to start the day! I opened my email and found a slew of comment notifications about my man in his uniform.  I so totally knew that it would elicit so much more response than food porn.  Thanks girls!!

For those of you that asked if he’ll wear it at the wedding…as far as I know, yes.  He actually has another dress uniform called a “mess kit” that he plans to wear, but apparently it is common to wear one uniform for the ceremony and the other for the reception.  We’ll figure it out when the day comes that we can actually start planning!  (I wonder if that means I can have two dresses?)

So like any loving FH would do, he brought me some fun souvenirs from the Big Apple.  (He actually went to Chinatown and tried to seek out a fake Coach purse for me, but when he found them they still wanted toooo much money.  Booooo.)  So instead I got loot from the Empire State Building.


I asked for the I heart NY shirt…plus he got me the matching hat.  Also a cool Christmas tree ornament and a cute little King Kong magnet.  Stay tuned for the revealing of two fabulous new coffee mugs this week too!  One from NY and one from the Smithsonian.  🙂

002 003005 

After his little nap, we decided on snackies and wine instead of a full dinner.  On the plate:  5 year old white cheddar, mini Bretons, Mary’s organic crackers (more on these at a later date), strawberry tomatoes halved & drizzled with EVOO and s&p, a few grapes, leftover veggies from girl’s night and a dollop of hummus.

012010006  008     

On the side: PC Organics new BBQ potato chips, PC Organics milk chocolate, sundried tomato lean turkey sausages which I chopped and baked in the oven (this was an excellent idea!).

014 013011

So nice to have him home to share my evening!  I get so used to being here on my own, but after six weeks it’s great to have my warm man to cuddle up to!

Did I mention OMG?!  Ahhhhhh…I’m dying over here people.  Can’t talk about Idol cuz I don’t want to spoil it for anyone that hasn’t seen it yet.  Damn time zones!!  OMG OMG OMG!!!

So instead I shall regale you with the story of my evening.

It all starts with an odd desire to work in the yard.  Definitely spurred on by the fact that our already sub-par yard seems to have collected ten houses worth of dandelions and the season has just begun!  Instead of tackling the back yard I decided that our little front yard needs some TLC first and if I do well at that I’ll move on to the back (or hopefully FH will get on it when he returns).

Before I took a trip to Rona I snacked on this tasty Clif bar.  Neither my breakfast or lunch contained much protein so this yummy treat held me over until my later dinner.


At Rona (it’s like Home Depot except Canadian!) I got some new lawn soil, a huge bag of grass seed, some environmentally friendly bug killer (little beetles are eating my lilies already!), and a fun weed-puller-outer-thingy.

So I raked and raked, then pulled a zillion weeds, then pulled out the lawn mower only to find we were totally out of gas (honey!!).  Went and got gas (and a 649 ticket…$49bazillion!) but even with gas in it the mower wouldn’t catch.  Grrrr.  It’s brand new so I’m thinking I just don’t know about using it the first time of the year?

Anyway, since I couldn’t mow I couldn’t put down the fresh soil or grass seed.  Pooooo.  Gotta get it all short and pretty so I can see where it needs the leveling and TLC.  I hate when motivation is cut short!

So…dinner time instead. 

011 012 

Thawed out some homemade meatballs, mixed with some veggies, some Smart macaroni, and a can of seasoned diced tomatoes.  Mix in a little parmesan and seasoning…et voila!


During American Idol I broke out a new treat I picked up at the store the other day.  Vanilla Cream Soda!  From the natural foods section.  A bit sweet for cream soda, but still deeeeeelish.  Enjoyed this with a chunk of white chocolate fruit bark I picked up at Just Us! when I went to Cape Split with the blog girls (and friends).




No gym tonight due to the lengthy process getting the yard all sorted out.  Boo to the hooooo.  Maybe it will all work out tomorrow.

For some reason I’ve been craving a smoothie (maybe it’s all the talk about Green Monsters on the blogs lately!) so for my afternoon snack I got out the blender.  Into the mix went 1/2 banana, about 1/2 cup frozen blueberries, 1 tsp ground flax, and 1 cup light vanilla soy milk.  I guess this is a Purple Monster!

Since this was my pre-workout snack I included a Kashi granola bar too.


At the gym:

Elliptical: 20 mins cross-country, variable intensity + 5 min cooldown in reverse

Legs: 2 sets of 15

– squats with 15lb bar

– stationary lunges with 2 x 8lb dumbbell (each leg)

– hamstring curls on the ball


– 30 x regular crunches

– 30 x bicycle crunches

– 2 x 30 second plank

– 2 x 30 second side plank (1 each side)

When I got home I was soooo ready for dinner. Fiddleheads!

021 022

Cooked them up simply by sauteing with a bit of butter, EVOO, salt & pepper and sliced mushrooms.  Served alongside a maple BBQ salmon filet that I baked in the oven and a small potato I cooked up in the microwave.


American Idol: 

My American readers…please vote for Adam Lambert!! 

I snacked on some Kashi crackers straight from the box while I sat on the edge of my seat watching the final performances.  Although I don’t think this was Adam’s best night I do think his second performance was stellar and he sings circles around Kris.  Kris is a cutey but he doesn’t have the star power or the talent that Adam has.  It’s a fact people!!  Vote Vote Vote!