Back to the early mornings this week (well, today for sure…FH’s course is having a lot of issues so it’s all one day at a time for now) so back to the gym this morning.

Took it a little easier on the treadmill…my back is still bugging me, my shoulder is acting up, and for some reason my hip joints are sore.  I feel like an old woman!  And the worst is that I haven’t done anything strenuous to make all of these things hurt at the same time.  Bah.

So I lowered my pace to 4.5mph on the treadmill and just took it slow.  3 minute warmup, 17 minute jog, 3 minute cooldown.

I wasn’t thrilled with my distance or calorie burn, so decided to add 12 minutes of high incline walking on the elliptical for a total of 45 minutes of cardio (2.45 miles, approx 250 cals burned).

Today is lower body strength day but in keeping with the theme of switching things up and taking it easy on myself, I decided to skip the squats and lunges today.  Instead I did 3 sets of 15 hamstring curls on the ball and 2 full sets of Eurydice’s bum exercises.

As always I threw in a bit of core work.  30 crunches, 30 reverse crunches, 30 side-to-side twists.

On the way home I HAD to stop at Starbucks (to pick up some loot for the fast approaching Blog Girls GTG) so grabbed my morning coffee while I was there.  Today’s choice: grande non-fat coffee misto (translation: coffee with lots of hot milk).  This kept me to one cup instead of two today, so I foresee a bit of a lag in my step this afternoon.


Breakfast consisted of my Green Monster, my very milky coffee, and one of my banana coconut muffins.  Lots of protein and fibre in all of that so it kept me going for about 2.5 hours.


For lunch I did some digging in the fridge.  We seem to have a lot of bread-type products open (pitas, 2 kinds of bread, a roll, hot dog buns) so I decided a sammich was the way to go.  Turkey, light cheddar, tomatoes, lettuce, honey dijon and light mayo on a multigrain seeded bun.  Yum Yum!


Served with some veggies sticks and an oatmeal chocolate chip bar for dessert.  I’m so full!



It’s OK to eat cookies for breakfast once in a while, right?  bwahaha.

FH doesn’t have his course until this afternoon so we both took the opportunity for a “little” extra sleep this morning.  (ummm, except by “little” I accidentally managed to stay in bed until almost 10:30…oooops!)

We still haven’t picked up any crazy glue, so the coffee maker is still out of order *gasp*, but while I was in the shower FH snuck out and brought back another round of StarbucksWhat a guy!  Along with my venti black coffee (which I doctored up with some Demerara sugar and skim milk here at home) he presented me with two scrumptlicious chocorific cookies!


I ate my half of the chocolate chunk and a bite of the triple chocolate (I’m saving the rest for tomorrow or the weekend).  Twas deeeeeelish!  🙂

Then the guilt set in so when my tummy rumbled for real food I decided healthy was the definite way to go.  I give you coconut Liberte yogurt with chopped kiwi and blackberries.  The coconut tastes just like pie I tell you!!


So…I’m on a conference call for work right now…however I am just a “listening participant” so we’ll see if I can blog at the same time!

The hunger continues…so I will admit to snack-snack-snacking my way through the day.  I know this is dumb because it won’t make me feel better, but it was sure fun!

After lunch FH called for an early ride home, so I munched a Kashi bar in the car (no photo…too busy eating and driving!).

On the way home, we stopped at Planet Organic so I could pick up some coconut Liberte yogurt (they seem to be the only place that sells that flavor) and I was going to stock up on yummy Larabars…but yet AGAIN they are sold out of Coconut Cream Pie…and after only one week they are sold out of Peanut Butter Cookie already too! 

Dear Lara,

Please make Coconut and PB more readily available.

Much Love,

Larabar Lovers of Eastern Canada

Instead I picked up a couple of Kind bars.  I’ve been seeing them around the blogosphere lately and was excited to see them available here.

Of course I had to dive into one as soon as I got home!  Almond & Coconut.  It was very tasty, however…does anyone know if these are supposed to be hard?  I expected it to be chewy or at least soft…but it was really hard and overly crunchy.  Hard on my teeth!


Oh…and more Starbucks today!  They got my Iced Coffee with Non-Fat Milk correct this time!  Yummmm.


And now an actual meal!  A variation on chicken taco salad.  I mixed up a batch of the filling we use in our Baked Chicken Rollups (chicken breast, navy beans, light cheddar, salsa, & seasoning) and served it atop a tossed salad.  I used organic tortilla chips to scoop mine up…FH crushed his chips right in.  Deeeeeeeeeelish.


And now while I blog I’m drinking some decaf tea while I listen to my call…so far so good!

Well, I’m a thousand bucks lighter in the wallet but at least now I am calmer. The timing sucks but it will be fun to have a new toy for working on the road.

I chalk this sense of calm up to the time-out I took after shopping.

I rarely get manicures and this was a serious cheer-me-up-now type of situation.

It ate up a good portion of time I could be using for much more important things today, but my sanity needed tending to.

  • non-fat latte: $5
  • french manicure: $30
  • an hour of down time: priceless

Oh sure, it’s been like three days since I’ve had a comment. I see there is no love in blogland. hrmmph.

This morning has been fairly productive in that I got up and got an hour of work done before I headed out to book our Dominican holiday and get my hair cut. Now I’m back getting caught up on my blogs and emails, so I can whip through the afternoon of work and have a leisurly evening. I think I’ll be getting some exercise shovelling the heavy-ass chunks of ice the City of Halifax left in the mouth of my driveway (argh….seriously I got home and there is so much shit plowed into a pile that I had to park at the neighbor’s for now…and it’s all crazy heavy broken ice and stuff…not impressed).

I did not do my Shred last night. I suck. I did work late and then was starving so I ate dinner before I realized that I should have worked out first. By the time I digested it was like 9:30 and I was getting ready for bed. Doh. I will be smarter today I swear! Especially since I picked up this gorgeous cupcake from Starbucks that I plan to enjoy but need to earn. Yum!

I also spent some time sorting my fridge and preparing all of the veggies, etc that need to be used so everything is all ready to go for the next couple of days. I love the organized feeling of having all of my salad veggies chopped and ready to rock…makes life so much easier…and leaves me wanting to chose healthy instead of easy.

Today’s menu…

– OJ
– Second Cup large coffee on the run with raw sugar and skim milk
– Second Cup blueberry oatmeal breakfast cookie (1/2 before hair appointment, 1/2 after) – total 4 points
– Starbucks double tall extra hot non fat vanilla latte
– carrots, celery, mushrooms & brocolli with homemade low-fat onion dip (I was eating this with chips earlier in the week but wisely I tossed the remaining chips!)
– crackers and hummus
– dinner is leftover pork loin chop and hugeass salad with goat cheese
– Starbucks red velvet cupcake

(approx 26 points…no idea on the cupcake)


I am now officially Shredded. Well, for today anyway. 🙂 And I ate that cupcake and although it was good…it wasn’t great. Looks can be deceiving. And now I shall eat my salad like a good girl before heading out to join some girlfriends for a last minute girls night out…drinky-poos are to be had. 🙂

Hi all! Happy Christmas Eve!!

I know I’ve neglected my posting duties for a few days so I thought I should try to catch up a little bit. It’s been five days that I haven’t been checking in with accounts of my holiday eating adventures. Ooooops.

First, I have to say that I don’t know why I carted my gym clothes and shoes across the country because I have had absolutely no opportunity to use them. My friend has a brand new gym in her condo building which we had planned to use for at least a couple of days, but between my working, our Christmas shopping, and visiting there was no time. Argh. I haven’t even done near as much walking as I would have liked because of the crappy weather. I think I know what I’ll be doing as soon as I’m back in Halifax and New Years is over. I miss the cardio dammit. (ha, who knew?!)

Food was doing not too shabby for a couple of days but it has fallen astray since I last checked in…

– Friday was my last work day while sitting at my girlfriend’s place. I had Kashi Crunch and tea for breakfast, a lovely salad from the grocery store with a small crusty bun and balsamic dressing for lunch, an egg nog misto of course, and 8 chocolate coated mini pretzels(yes, I counted them!). My evening plans fell through due to weather so I ended up doing an evening visit to see my friends’ new baby where I declined a beer but did eat two Turtles (couldn’t be rude!). When we got home that night we were starving so opted for late night Chinese food. Found a restaurant neither of us had ever tried…so good and fresh! Wonton soup, chop suey, a bit of chow mein, and the evil sweet & sour pork. Stayed up until 2am watching Pearl Harbour….and didn’t have that dried out, dehydrated “I just ate Chinese food” feeling. Nice. Also drank about 4 pint glasses of water.

– Saturday started with a cup of Candy Cane Lane tea and some more water. I helped my girlfriend assemble sandwiches that she was going to hand out to the homeless (what a girl!). We got dropped off downtown and I was just standing in line for my daily dose of egg nog misto, when I got a call to meet her and our other friends for lunch instead. We hit up a new Irish pub in town where I had a panini with tomato, bacon, pesto & brie served with a small salad and a cup of homemade beef barley soup. We warmed up with coffee & a shot of Baileys. Yummm! After lunch I got my misto while we walked downtown in the freaking cold and did some shopping. Back at her place I think we had tea to tide us over….then headed out for dinner with a group of friends at 7:30. We had a few martinis, a fancy coffee, shared a warm dip and some pita…because of all that I opted for spinach salad with grilled prawns for my main meal. Of course, we ended up sharing an apple crumble for dessert and had a few more drinks. 🙂

– Sunday was a totally lazy day of watching TV and eating the leftover Chinese food. In the afternoon we opted to pick up more Starbucks…a venti egg nog misto for me, and there might have been another choc chunk cookie. Didn’t bother with dinner as I was attending another friend’s annual Gingerbread House party where I indulged in a few treats and some seriously fabulous gourmet cheese…amazing. I had one glass of red wine and one shot of homemade Irish Cream that I sipped on. Delightful!!

– Monday morning I got back to the Kashi. It was my travel day up to Nanaimo to stay with my Mom, so I got another venti egg nog misto for the ride….plus grabbed an apple and a small bag of peanuts. I still have the apple. haha. Dinner at Mom’s was just tomato soup and grilled cheese…best snow meal ever. 🙂 Of course, we got into the Christmas Eggies and Cheetos a little later in the evening. ooooops.

– And finally yesterday….didn’t have time for breakfast…slept in and then had to shovel Mom’s car out (dammit I thought I left the shoveling in Nova Scotia!). I did convince her we had time for my crack, er I mean caffeine, stop at the new Starbucks here…so yes folks you guessed it…a grande egg nog misto for me. But then we were tied up with a few appointments so didn’t actually eat a meal until after 4pm. My eyes were bigger than my stomach and I ordered my favorite bacon & cheddar burger at White Spot…with fries, AND the add of of zucchini stix and a small caesar salad. I was freaking stuffed and never even touched the salad. Late night last night I got snacky again though and we were into the Christmas candy and a fairly hefty sized shortbread cookie.

Man, that was a lot and now that I’ve written it out it all sounds terrible. I need me some veggies!! So far today I’ve had a coffee with Baileys and I’m sipping on my second cup with just a splooooosh (haha, Jen that sploosh is for you!) of egg nog. This is the first day since I’ve been on holiday that I haven’t been to Starbucks…lol…mainly due to weather and the fact that Mom actually has a coffee maker! I think I’m going to rummage around Mom’s fridge for a healthy brunch…I know I saw yogurts and english muffins in there. Tonight is our family Christmas gathering where we open gifties and stuff our faces. There are lots of cheeses, meats, dips, chips, crackers oh my! I’ll try to stick close to the veggie tray! I do all of the prep so I can actually load my plate before anyone else does…then I try to stay out of the dining room so I’m not randomly nibbling. Oh boy!

As an aside I would like you to know that the snow here is insane. There was already like 4 feet of it, then it snowed another 4 inches overnight and it’s been snowing all day with no apparent chance of stopping. Craziness!

OK, that was an eyefull of reading for whoever managed to make it this far.

Merry Christmas to all!!!

My honey was at Chapters today so came home with a treatie for me. He brought me a Starbucks Gingersnap Latte and boy was it ever yummy. I’d never had one before but he thought I had said I like them…either way it was tasty!

(now how do you politely tell someone that brings you a treat that next time you want your treat to be non-fat? hehe, you would think he would know by now. gotta love him anyway though!)

On the points side it was high, but he brought it just as I was getting into my conference call so it kept me happier during the call and I ended up not being hungry for lunch.