I can’t hear what she’s saying but I wonder if she knows that yelling at him over the sound of their lawnmower makes her voice carry up to our window?  It’s pretty obvious she’s annoyed at him about something!

Ahhhhh suburbia.  Don’tcha just love being only 8 feet away from your neighbors?  🙂

So, mid-afternoon the munchies hit…as always when I sit at my desk all day…so I decided to put some of the fresh berries to use.  In the bowl: sliced fresh strawberries, fresh raspberries (perfectly ripe!), the leftover bit of Liberte vanilla yogurt, and half of a crumbled up oatmeal chocolate chip bar.  (OK, you caught me, I ate the other half!)


After work I discovered FH snoozing on the couch so I took that as a sign that he wasn’t waiting around for dinner and used the opportunity to do a session from yogadownload.comDetox Yoga #1.  I thought I had done it before, but during the practice I didn’t recognize it so I guess it was one of the ones I downloaded and never got around to.  I quite enjoyed it, except I’m still terrible at Warrior 3.  I’m trying though!

When I finished FH was awake so I put him to work grilling up some steaks.  He’s in charge of steaks.  :)  Such a guy thing!  I don’t know what he seasons them with, but he always makes them super tasty.  (Veggie-heads close your eyes…red meat photos coming your way!)

To go with the meat I boiled up some more corn on the cob, and prepped a zucchini for grilling.  Easiest meal I’ve made in ages!


Cute little tenderloins…mine was only about 4oz…just perfect pour moi!


A la Amy, I topped my zucchini with herby goat cheese (insert drooling here).  And of course rubbed some real butter on my corn because margarine just doesn’t fly in this situation.  🙂

See, he grills the perfect medium-rarish steak!  (I like it soft and pink, but not running juice).


The sun came out again this afternoon and made for a lovely evening so we went for another walk around the neighborhood.  It’s not a big area but there are lots of different routes to walk so I’m happy FH is interested in going with me!  Afterwards I watered my lawn and checked on my little garden.  It’s coming along great!!  The new grass is starting to sprout…I’m very please with myself!

And now a movie with the mister.  He brought me a little treat from the movie store and I’ll happily enjoy a few of these:

027   Cuz when the sugar crash comes, it’ll be bedtime anyway!


We woke up to continuing dismal weather.  Boooo.  Bring on Spring!  We want to get out in the yard and start getting a few things done (ooooooh, the joy of digging up dandelions!), but it’s tough to do when everything is soggy.  The forecast says tomorrow will be nice…we shall see!

So we enjoyed a leisurely morning sipping coffee.  FH has many PVR’d F1 races to catch up on so while he watched those I blogged from my laptop on the loveseat.  Funny how annoyed I was to buy this silly thing, but now I love having the second computer for using in the living room.  We are ridiculous really…we each have a desktop (mine in my office, his in his den) and now we both have laptops in the living room.  LOL.

The weather left me with the urge to bake.  Now that FH is home to share the baked goods I feel a little more like doing it.  When I’m here on my own, I tend to eat all of my wares!

First, yoga.  Sitting in the theatre last night wreaked havoc on my bad shoulder (which wasn’t bugging me much at all until that damn plane trip to and from Victoria) so I did a session of Yoga for Back Pain from yogadownload.com.  This series totally helps.  I can’t tell it’s helping while I’m doing it, but about an hour later my shoulder/neck/back feel amazing! 


Then lunch…no breakfast today.  I decided to make a smoothie (I’m working on an idea for a “smoothie week” next week!).  Today’s mix was my usual, but I added some PB2 for fun.  I won’t do it with particular mix again…the flavors didn’t jive for me. 


In the blender was:

1/2 ripe banana

4 frozen strawberries, slightly thawed

1 tbsp flax meal

1 tbsp PB2

3/4 cup light vanilla soy milk

1/4 cup water

Served up with a Nature’s Path waffle topped with almond butter and the other 1/2 of my banana sliced up.   


Now I was all limber and full, so it was time to bake.  I made a batch of Tina’s Oatmeal Raisin Bars…but instead of 1 cup of raisins, I subbed in a 1/2 cup of semi-sweet mini chocolate chips (FH doesn’t like raisins).  I also made a dozen of my Banana Oatmeal Muffins, but turned them into banana coconut oatmeal muffins by adding 1/2 cup sweetened coconut (I also dusted the tops with the coconut).

IMG_0804 IMG_0805 IMG_0806 IMG_0808 IMG_0811

Baking puts me in a great mood!

Once everything was out of the oven and cooling, I headed off to the grocery store (again!).  Got a few snacks for this evening when our friends come over, plus the ingredients for a decadent pizza we plan to have for dinner tomorrow night (stay tuned!).  I forgot to get yeast for the pizza dough though so I’ll have to do that tomorrow when we do our errands.

Now it’s just a relaxing evening…we’ll do a bit of vacuuming and dusting before our guests come and I think I’ll have a fruity snack to tide me over (FH made himself a huge late lunch, so dinner on the menu today).  Considering the dismal weather, it’s turned out to be a lovely Saturday!

As much as I loved my trip and wish I’d had more time for my family and friends, I am sooo happy to be back with my own kitchen.  I know I could have bought more “me-friendly” groceries or made better restaurant choices while I was away, but I didn’t and that’s something I will work on.

Due to sleeping in way later than I’d planned I didn’t need breakfast today.  I did preset the coffee maker to brew so I attempted a couple of cups of joe but didn’t finish either of them.  Water was definitely my drink of choice. 


About an hour after I got up and got to work (I’m not way behind but I’m certainly not on top of things either) I decided it was time for breakfast…er, well lunch actually.  :)  Oh, Liberte Svelt vanilla yogurt how I missed you!  In the bowl was 1/2 cup yogurt, 1/4 cup raw oatmeal, 6 huge fresh blackberries, 4 fresh strawberries, and 4 chopped almonds.  Deeeeelish.  The raw oats are my new favorite yogurt mix-in for sure!


Dinner was the leftover Amy’s soup and veggie quesadillas I mentioned in my previous post.  No need for an afternoon snack since my meals ran so close together.  I did take in a lot more water and my vitamins and calcium supplement (I forgot to pack these on my trip).


After dinner I returned to the computer for a little more work, some photo sorting (450 vacation photos…eeeeek), and some blogging.  I then put my computer to work offering me a downloaded class of Yoga for Back Pain.  Bliss I tell you, just bliss!!  A week of couch surfing and missed workouts has left my back and shoulders screaming for attention.

Oh routine, you are a good friend.  🙂

I lost my camera! Ugh.

It’s not an expensive camera, but it was only about six months old and we had taken about 100 pictures last night. Silly drunk girls….we think we left it in the cab on the way home. We know we had it 2 minutes before we left the bar. Sadly, there are about a zillion independant cabs here in Halifax and we haven’t a clue which one we were in. I did call the two main corporate cab companies and the bar, but no luck so far. Booooo.

So no photos of the fun and healthy foods we had yesterday, or how cute us two girls looked for our night out on the town. Makes the blog seem sad and boring now. 😦

Quick food recap:

Breaky: sliced 1/2 banana, sliced strawberries, vanilla Liberte yogurt with chocolate crunch granola sprinkled on top
Lunch: watermelon, grapes, Kashi honey-sesame crackers, cubes of light cheddar
Snacky: yogurt covered dried cranberries
Dinner: shared a huge Greek marinated grilled chicken breast, served with tomato & cucumber salad, and a dish of multigrain Tostitos and the last of the lemon-dill hummus
After bar snack: avoided nasty pizza!! shared about 1/2 bag of NY Cheddar Kettle Chips

Lotsa drinky-poos….mostly Garrison Raspberry Wheat Ale. Yum!

Since my activity has been down (unless you count shopping!) I decided to squeeze in a session from yogadownload.com yesterday before lunch. My neck/shoulder pain issue has been acting up so I wanted a good stretch and opted for the Yoga for Back Pain because I thought it would be less strenuous. I was right…it was perfect!

And without photos, that’s all I’ve got! We are off to enjoy the sun that finally came out, along with some late day coffee (to wake our slightly hungover butts up!) and make a short road trip to gorgeous Peggy’s Cove! Good thing Tiff has a camera too.

Ewwwww….the weather went to poop today. Mild and dry when I took FH work, but that soon turned to rain and wind. Now I can hear the rain pelting off the windows. Yuck. On the bright side, the whole reason FH went to sea today was to chase a storm so they can trial some equipment and get some data so the sooner they find the storm the sooner they come home. I sent him an email wishing him luck finding “asslike” weather. I’m such a good FW. 🙂

Afternoon snacks were a couple more of those tasty Choco PB Oat Bars…which I didn’t get photos of because I was too busy cramming them in my mouth.

Dinner was, as mentioned, shrimpies! After thawing, I just peeled them and sauteed them up with a bit of olive oil, lotsa garlic, s&p, and a shot of lemon juice. I served them up alongside a simple salad with Renee’s Spring Herb dressing and some zucchini boats a la Amy. Small zucchini cut in half and “boated”, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with s&p and lotsa garlic. Baked in a 350 degree oven for about 15 minutes, then filled with herby goat cheese while still piping hot. Drool.

I had planned on doing some office work so I made myself a big mug of decaf vanilla tea, but then got tired after cleaning the kitchen and landed up on the couch watching American Idol on the PVR instead. Man, that goth guy can really sing! Anyone been watching Idol this season and have a favorite? This is only the second episode I’ve watched and the last one was the one where the goth guy tortured a Johnny Cash song. His performance this week was an unexpected surprise.

Admittedly the munchies got me about an hour into the show and I grabbed the remainder of the bag of original Mrs. Vickies chips. Hopefully FH doesn’t mind!

And now since it’s cardio day and I wasn’t leaving the house in this nasty weather, I’m off to do some hatha yoga before bed. Late, but lovely.

Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!! I just did 20 minutes of hatha yoga and it didn’t hurt. I looked through a few of my pose guides from yogadownload.com and determined that Gentle Hatha #2 didn’t have any sitting poses that looked like they would rock me back on to my sore tailbone so decided to give it a go. It was lovely. 🙂 A few positions required some care but the bending didn’t bother me at all. I’m on my way to a full recovery I think….soon I hope!

For those of you that may have missed out on the February savings over at yogadownload.com (like I did!)….not to worry because in place of Kath’s discount is Tina’s discount for March….

Visit Carrots ‘n’ Cake to get the 50% off code. 🙂 Tina is doing a 31 Day Yoga Challenge, so head on over and support her!